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Top product photography tips your business should use

by on July 20, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Top product photography tips your business should use

If you are a business that needs to take pictures that will be used for advertising your products, you should check here for a list of product photography tips.

The internet of things has made shopping a lot easier in terms of access. You can buy what you like within the comfort of your home with faster and easier payment options. In fact, about 51% of Americans choose to shop online.

Despite this, 49% would rather go to the store and try the product themselves.

To reach that 51% interested in online shopping requires a good amount of effort to grab their attention. You need to get the most enticing shot from the products that you sell.

That said, there is more to product photography than the camera alone.

Let us look at these product photography  to help you get an image that sells:

To make your product stand out during the photography session, make use of sweeps and white backgrounds. This allows for an easier method to let the product have an emphasis. This provides even easier integration and presentation.

While you are also open to using a more dynamic background, choosing between that and a white background depends on the type of product you have as the subject and what you intend to do with it.

When shooting for white backgrounds, you need something that minimizes the shadows produced from the main light. You achieve this through the use of a sweep.

A sweep is a white backdrop that has a curvature to help equalize the light and shadow. This prevents the wall corners from appearing in your photo. For products, you can make use of a large bendable sheet of paper set against a wall.

Choose the Right Lighting for the Product

There are two lighting types that you can use: natural and artificial light. This brings out emphasis and personality to the product.

For natural light, use this if you plan to do a product shoot outside. Most people make use of the magic hours, which take place during sunrise and sunset, to take advantage of the warmer natural light.

It makes more sense if it is an item meant for outdoor use. If you have a model that would hold the product, natural light makes them look better.

Artificial light, also called hard light, works well for indoor shots and if you plan to emphasize the product a lot more. It provides a more focused light surface, perfect if you plan to emphasize the details of a product.

Do Some Retouches After Shooting

The process for photography doesn’t exactly end after a click of the shutter. There is also the post-production stage where you smoothen the image. With the use of photo editing software, you can get rid of unnecessary shadows to bring more emphasis to the product.

This becomes a necessity for professional photography, especially if you are setting the photos up for online shops and businesses. It helps you achieve uniformity with your product previews.

Also, the measurement of the image becomes easy to resize for optimal load times without  sacrificing quality.

Do Not Clutter the Set

One thing you should remember is to not put too much clutter when taking photos. Do not make the image look busy. Your goal is to sell the product, not to overload it.

With that said, focus on keeping your product as the center of attention. Do this through clever lighting or composition.

Use These Product Photography Tips for Images That Sell!

With these product photography tips, you should be able to let your products shine. You aim to sell. With a proper product image, you can bring customers to look and see what they like at a glance.


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