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Stress free ways of finding a meeting venue in Edinburgh, Scotland

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Stress free ways of finding a meeting venue in Edinburgh, Scotland

Few activities can be as mundane and time-consuming as finding a venue for your next corporate event, private gathering or conference.

A lot more goes into it than just finding a venue. Certain places require licenses and permits from the City Council before they can be leased out.

Some events also need to be licensed before they are permitted to hold. It largely boils down to city laws and policies. Because of the numerous locations and spaces up for lease, major cities tend to have more of these restrictions than others as there is a need for proper regulation.

A Little about the City of Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and the second-most populous city in the Highland Country.

It is the second-largest financial centre in the United Kingdom with an economy built on sturdy sectors like Banking and Finance, Technology and Software, Retail and Tourism.

A major economic centre of activity, millions of people, visit the historical city annually to conduct business or tourism. The famous Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe draws hundreds of thousands if not millions of visitors and participants every year making it one of the most visited cities in the UK. It is also home to two UNESCO world heritage sites.

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The Problem of Too Many Options and So Little Time.

The influx of so many people into Edinburgh and its reputation for having a business- friendly environment has provided numerous juicy opportunities and conditions for the event and hospitality industry to grow and thrive.

Thousands of gatherings are held in every corner of the city each year for several purposes and there is a constant demand for venues suitable to the kind of event and budget of the client. But with all these available options to choose from, it is not always easy finding and booking a venue. To begin with, the client should have a clear picture of what they are looking for and a budget fit for the kind of services they expect.

The process involved in finding the venue by themselves out of the hundreds of options available rears its ugly head. The client will then have to ascertain if it is up to standard, well equipped or even available for booking at the time it is needed. There is also the issue of licensing and getting permits from the city for a space to be used and an event to be held.

Have we mentioned hiring the actual event planners? All this makes for a tedious and stressful event, and it is often wiser to hire the services of businesses like Venuefinder who have expert knowledge of the best and most convenient Meeting Rooms Edinburgh has to offer.


Venuefinder to the Rescue

Venuefinder is a UK based online company at the forefront of the venue finding business. Using their client’s requirements and budget as a guide, they shorten and ease the task of finding suitable venues in their database of over one thousand five hundred freely listed venues.

They vary in size, style and capacity and are scattered in locations across the city of Edinburgh.

Venuefinder also ensures that these meeting spaces meet industry standards. They are inspected and vetted for quality assurance as is required by the Audit Bureau, making it an ABC audited product.


Edinburgh is famous for its art and architecture which oscillates between the modern and the historic and with prestigious places like museums, universities, hotels and sporting arenas leasing out spaces, clients get to choose to experience an ambience peculiar to each kind of environment.

Meeting Rooms Edinburgh provides are cost effective, practical yet tastefully furnished, offer top catering services on demand and are generally well equipped with gadgets like projectors, computers, free Wi-Fi and other states of the arty tools to ensure a pleasant meeting.


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