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The reasons why companies stick to pre-employment tests?

During the course of any hiring process, employees are looking to gather as much information possible about the candidate’s .

The major problem is through the traditional methods of knowing your candidates the interviews or tests do not yield any desired results.

The resumes are not reliable; with nearly 78% of the resumes contain unreliable material with 46% of the masses even resorting to the use of lies.

At the same time the interviews appear to be unstructured and dish out to be poor indicators of job performance.

In the midst of this, pre-employment technical tests are reliable and go on to provide objective information about a candidate. Into the process of hiring an element of objectivity is installed whereby concrete results are formulated that is a standardized protocol across all the candidates. With the help of these data the employees can resort to meaningful and better hiring decisions.

This is something that no one can afford. With the aid of pre- employment tests these concerns can be addressed. Firstly the time spent on scrolling through the resumes is reduced and even the interviews. The cost churned on the total interview process is expected to be reduced at a considerable level with the help of such tests.

By ensuring objective and reliable information this cuts down the scope of bad decisions and the quality of hires in a company improves. In the end analysis it can pave way for better productivity and enhance the performance of the employees.

What are the benefits expected from pre-employment testing?

With a pre- employment test procedures a lot of benefits are provided as it goes on to streamline the process of hiring. These strengths the organizational culture that the new employees who are recruited would be successful in the task they are used to accomplished.

A sense of alignment is developed between successful selection of employees and the business outcomes.

This points to increase in the satisfaction of the customers and paving way for an increase on the sales front. By employing a pre- employment testing module an organization can expect benefits in the following ways

  • An increase in the levels of productivity

  • More employees would be inclined to leave their jobs and from the cost point of view reduction in turnover

  • More efficient, leading to less consumption of time

  • The entire hiring process is undertaken in a defensive manner with the validation of well sought out matrices.

Higher productivity

A professional well developed pre -employment test can go to predict the behavior of employees. To accurately pinpoint the performance of an individual tests are the best source as they can clearly figure out the skills or levels that a candidate has to perform in a given job.

Let us explain things with the example of a cloths retailer. There are bound to increase the performance of their sales associates on an hourly basis.

For them a critical basis skill test was conducted that would put focus on their, verbal, math, and general attention to skill details. Once you examine the relationship between the marks and the sales per average score. It was found out that the people who passed the test did go on to perform much better than people who did not go on to pass the test.

Increase in the levels of retention of employees and better turnover with reduction of costs

With the aid of pre – employment test, it has been found out that the employees have the basic skill sets in order to perform a job with a required level of perfection.

Their behavior along with personality needs to be comfortable with a given job type.

This would go a long way in ensuring that an employee performs better on a job or even completes the session of training. Even the possibility of an employee quitting on their own accord is found out here.

When an organization is able to reduce turnover it does have a lot of benefits on the entire organization. If the turnover is lower it goes on to pep up the morale levels of the employees.

Paves way for more efficient and less consuming hiring process

The entire process of recruiting can be a time taking process as it may take even 45 days to fill in a new position. But in case of jobs that are posted online they even end up remaining open for 50 days.

The onus or fault does not lay down with the applicants as nearly 250 resumes are being posted for a single online job. The rapid growing pool of candidates makes it really difficult for the hiring team to streamline the recruitment process.

Most of the companies go on to formulate set up test scores so that candidates below a desired mark do not go ahead in the process of selection. If you reduce the time being spent on the hiring process it benefits an organization immensely in the long run.

A streamlined process of hiring

Not only a streamlined hiring process helps a company to achieve the desired levels of outcome it provides a sense of legality and defensibility to the process of selection.

Most companies should try to be doing business in a legitimate way. For this reason, some of the companies feel that when they use a pre – employment test, this complies with legal protocols. Organizations that go on to implement such protocols are well prepared in facing up to any loopholes arising from the same.

To conclude pre- employment testing is a vital cog in the wheel for the selection of candidates in a company.