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Why you need to have a supplier list before moving office

Moving office can be extremely stressful, from removing all your furniture and possessions from your original office to setting up all of the equipment that you need in your new premises.

If you need help in creating a supplier list, this article will discuss why these can be useful to you and where to start in finding the contacts that you need to create one.

How to Get A Supplier List

If you need to build a comprehensive supplier list consisting of all the services that you need to make your business a success, such as IT and equipment, then you should compile all of the services and their contact information.

You can put this onto an Excel spreadsheet or other computer platform to ensure that you can have access to this whenever you need it during the move.

You can find comprehensive lists of suppliers in business directories online, or through searching platforms such as My Office Move. Not only can they help you to find office space in London, but they can also connect you with all the suppliers that you need, from moving help to legal advice.

Who Should Be On Your Supplier List

You should make sure that your supplier list is comprehensive and contains all of the suppliers that your business may need during the move. For instance, IT applications and telecoms are one of the first aspects that you will need to set up within your office.

You should also consider suppliers for the equipment that you will need that’s specific to your business and which you will need before you can start your business up. You should also consider contacts for furniture which you may require if expanding to a larger office, if you are renovating your office, or moving your premises for the first time.

Why Should You Have a Supplier list?

  • You need a supplier list to ensure that your office move goes as smoothly as possible.

  • For instance, your supplier list can help you to prevent any issues that you may be facing, such as sudden emergencies, where you need a supplier to help you. Having a central list means that you will have instant access to your supplier’s contact information whenever you need it.

  • During a move, it is very easy to lose important contact details and information if you do not organise your move efficiently. Having a supplier list can reduce the stress of moving by ensuring that you have help whenever you need it.

  • Using a central list is especially important in the event of repairs as these can greatly disrupt your move and leave you unable to start up your business with the efficiency that you had hoped for.

  • Having a supplier list will also allow you to get all the applications and equipment that you need efficiently and all in one place, rather than having to search for extra suppliers throughout the move.

  • What’s more, you will know that these suppliers are of a good quality and reliable for your business