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The software every marketing company needs

by on September 17, 2019 in Business, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Small Business, Startups

The software every marketing company needs

Successful marketing companies all have one aspect in common, aside from a quality pool of talent, and that is their ability to adapt and utilise good technology.

Marketing software is an excellent tool and resource, and reports show that the best-in-class marketers all use at least one kind of software to help them excel.

Identifying what tools and resources you need in order to succeed is a skill within itself, and savvy marketers are quite effective at doing so. If you aren’t an industry leader, it can be more challenging to see the industry trends, but there are ways to stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re part of a team that’s looking for some software solutions to help reach your business goals, you could spend months on your search for the right software programs. Not knowing where to start can hinder this search, so here is a list of software that every marketing company needs.

CRM software

Customer relationship management software (CRM) is crucial to getting a customer from being a lead to a purchase.

It helps keep track of the customer journey, so you know when they were last contacted, how they prefer to be contacted and when, what the next step in follow-up is, and how they feel about the communication between them and you. This kind of data is critical for marketing and sales departments.

Human resources software

Companies may tend to overlook HR as an afterthought because they have old school ideas about what HR managers actually do within an organisation, but this can be detrimental to the success of the company.

HR managers are a vital part of any business because they look at the big picture and see how they can help the business be successful internally so that they can be successful externally.

When you bog down your HR department with administrative tasks that are tedious and time-consuming, they most likely won’t have the time to strategise and do the bigger picture thinking.

Eliminating some of these tasks is possible with HR software like It handles jobs like employee payroll, time and expenses, talent acquisition, and other core HR functions that can be automated and made more efficient.

Marketing automation software

The customer journey is all about personalising and customising the journey for everyone so that they feel as if their own needs are being met specifically. This can be a tough goal to meet while you’re trying to scale your business because you only have so many people on your team and your customer base is continually growing.

Marketing automation software is useful here because it helps businesses offer relevant buyer experiences, but with a more hands-off approach. You can track potential customers all the way from being a new visitor to your website to purchase with customised messages across various channels without having to monitor each one personally.

Campaign Management

Content is king, and marketing companies tend to go through a whole lot of content. Keeping all this organizes can be quite a hassle. Without some kind of campaign management software that helps you keep track of when your different content pieces are set to be received and published, it can quickly grow unmanageable.

This kind of software can also help you keep your costs under control as you are better able to plan out which sites to publish and which writers to use.

Analytics software

Every marketing company needs to have a powerful analytics tool at the centre of it all. Without analytical data, you have no idea how your company is performing in terms of marketing efforts and producing positive ROI.

Analytics software can answer questions like who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, how they interact with it, what they’re paying attention to, and what they are ignoring. This information is vital in order to have marketing success and to learn from what efforts aren’t working.



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