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10 highly effective tips to make your website look more attractive

by on October 8, 2019 in Business, Digital Marketing, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Websites

10 highly effective tips to make your website look more attractive

It’s rather funny how every service provider and product vendor has a website these days. From plumbers and carpenters to online stores, any business has an online presence, one way or another.

It’s not surprising considering the fact that there are almost 3.5 billion searches on Google, per day.

So, if you want your brand known, it needs to get a page online, because that’s where people look for anything these days.

The average person would look for products and services they need on Google, not in a TV ad or in the yellow pages. But to actually be known, your website needs to look attractive.

Here’s how you can make that happen.

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Plan ahead

While this isn’t exactly a technical angle, it’s quite crucial nonetheless. Before you even call the developers, you need to have a plan in store for what the website will look like.

You can’t just start designing and hope for the best; it’d be a waste of time, money, and effort.

You should have a very clear idea on the entire site map from the top. That way you can organize the design process and follow certain steps to ensure things don’t get messy.

Create a simple interface

Nothing is more unattractive for an internet user than a complex layout. It’s definitely good to have technical qualifications and the ability to create a complex interface if you want, but this is not the time to show it.

People aren’t looking for a complex interface to impress them; they want a simple layout with all the basics neatly placed in areas in which they can find them. It doesn’t mean you should create a boring interface, but rather just keep it simple and minimize the clutter.

Remove excess

One very important way to create a simple interface is by removing any excess. Anything you don’t need on the home page has to go. People see that page first when they enter your website, and you want to make a good first impression. So, any text, images, and videos that don’t really need to be there should be removed.

Improve navigation

One of the most important features on a website is the navigation. And how good or bad it is, can really make a lot of difference in the user experience. You want users to spend time on the website, so make it easy for that to happen and keep it simple when it comes to moving between tabs and menus.

This is also crucial for SEO, because Google’s ranking takes into consideration how smooth the user experience on your website is. If you live in a place like Melbourne, you want your SEO game to be at its best because there’s a lot of competition. Advice from claims that the best way to ensure your website appears much higher in the search engine results is by working on your search engine optimization strategies, which includes improving the navigation.

Create a powerful logo

People remember visual stimulants more than anything else, and they have the ability to leave an everlasting impression after the user leaves your website.

So, use that to your advantage and insert your logo in the layout in a subtle way that promotes your brand or service. That way people will remember your logo and what it stands for long after they leave your website. So, it’s important that you invest in creating a perfect logo for your business.

Call to action

Nothing makes a website stand out more than a call to action. Whether it’s to buy a product, subscribe to a service, or even donate to charity, you want people to take a certain action before they leave your website.

So, invite them to do it! Design your call to action in a subtle yet distinct way that will make it uniquely visible to your website visitors. That way you ensure that they won’t leave until they’ve at least noticed the call to action.

Add social media links

It’s very important that you add links to your social media accounts, which will invite people to subscribe to and follow your pages on the different platforms. That way you could also have them share your content, and in turn generate more traffic to your website.

Quality content

Whatever your website is about, you can rest assured that nothing is more annoying than a website with poor content. You can’t just be satisfied with creating a website; you need to regularly update it with fresh, high-quality content that will keep your website attractive to new users and keep them engaged at the same time. Remember one thing when it comes to content; it’s always about quality rather than quantity.

Add proper images and videos

As mentioned earlier, visual stimulants are quite important, and that is why you have to make sure you add the right images and videos to your website.

You need to understand that not all will work with your brand and with the message you’re trying to deliver, so be very careful with what you choose to put and try to get your hands on some quality images and videos that can really complement what your brand is about

Mobile interface

This is one angle you can’t afford to forget, and unfortunately, a lot of businesses forget about the importance of optimizing your website for mobiles. Believe it or not, almost 70 percent of your traffic will come from smartphones, so you can’t really afford to put your focus on just the desktop interface.

If a customer opened your website from their phone and found that your interface is poor, they won’t think again about coming back to the desktop version, that’s for sure.

You need to focus on making your website look as attractive as it can be, because that is how you get users to stay and complete an action.

It’s not just about the aesthetic value of the interface, but rather about whether or not the design of the website will get you leads, which is how you’ll make money.


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