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How can an automotive BDC help your dealership

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How can an automotive BDC help your dealership

Automotive dealerships make use of an automotive BDC as a separate department that deals with two primary responsibilities – bringing new leads in by making outbound calls and managing inbound calls to set sales appointments up with new customers.

An automotive BDC functions as the dealership’s telemarketers.

The primary reason why setting up a BDC in your dealership is a smart idea is that even if salespeople can excellently communicate in person, talking to leads over the phone is a whole new different job. Not to mention that the responsibilities of these two positions vastly differ.

Thus, it’s essential to employ professionals who focus solely on telemarketing if you want this process to translate to significant additional revenue.

How can an automotive BDC help your dealership?

Helps In Converting Leads

An automotive BDC helps in converting leads by setting the tone for the customers before their first interaction with the salespeople at the dealership. A BDC ensures that the customer becomes a warm lead before they visit the dealership, so the chance of getting the deal closed is pretty high.

The automotive BDC gathers as much information available from prospects and leads, and relays this data to the dealership team as part of a more significant and integrated effort.

Ensures A Positive First Impression

First impressions matter the most for your prospects and leads. First impressions can make or break a sale since they tend to last for months, affecting the way your leads perceive your company even if you’re giving every evidence to convince them to change their minds.

You have to make sure that in-person greetings are warm, welcoming, and professional. A third-party automotive BDC like Customer Tracc nurtures the customer relationship before the salespeople can push to close the sale. They will try to understand the customer by figuring out what they’re interested in, their trade-in value, and the monthly payment term they’re looking to get.

All of this information comes in handy for the salespeople once the customer visits the dealership. With the help of an automotive BDC, you can keep your introduction brief and concise, focusing more on providing the customer with the information that they need at the moment. This makes the process quicker and more efficient.

Follows Up Leads With A Clear And Efficient Process

As you probably already have realized, nurturing leads and fostering the relationship you have built with them aren’t easy tasks, and it doesn’t happen overnight. You need experts to do it for you. You will need a team with a precise and efficient process to follow up prospects and leads successfully after making the initial connection. That way, your outbound sales efforts become way more effective.

Most third-party automotive BDCs utilize the latest technology for capturing lead information so that they could create a personalized experience for the leads when following them up.

It makes the process of communicating with the customers more comfortable for your sales team. Without such a process in place, it doesn’t matter how excellent your salespeople in marketing the vehicles you’re selling; the leads wouldn’t pan out.

Makes Purchasing Of A Vehicle A Possibility For Customers With Bad Credit

Most people with bad credit are hesitant to take a loan out or get a new car through financing. They think that getting a new car would only make their life difficult for years to come due to the monthly amortization, considering they’ll most likely end up with high-interest rate loan terms.

They’ll look into your website, check on some of the vehicles on display, make the call for some inquiries and never get back to you again to move forward. Worry not as an automotive BDC can take the extra mile and ensure to get the deal done.

What the automotive BDC will do is to take extra time in reaching out to credit-challenged prospects or leads and offer them resources that your dealership has. Resources that can help them make the purchase a possibility even if they think otherwise.

It’s part of the follow-up process that the best automotive BDC takes in ensuring that every customer goes through the sales funnel and become an added revenue. Also, the BDC could reach out to past customers to update them of your current promotions for the possibility of cross-selling or up-selling.

Helps Your Salespeople Perform More Efficiently

 With an automotive BDC taking on the entire telemarketing process, your salespeople get to work on fewer tasks, enabling them to focus on doing what they do best, closing sales. It translates to more vehicles you’re dealership sells each month.


Think of an automotive BDC as an investment. And as you already know, any investment that’s properly running will pay off.

By getting the help of a third-party automotive BDC, you will see an increased revenue on sales, which is the primary goal of your dealership. It’s an innovation that brings expanding opportunities to your business.


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