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Build a website to improve your business: Tips for beginners

There are still people who are hesitant to go online with their business.

Well, it’s the New Year and all the more reason to aim for growth and improvement. The pros of having a website for your business has overpowered the cons (if there’s any).

And if you’re still thinking that it’s complicated and expensive – well, you are so very wrong. It’s possible to build a website without breaking the bank if you choose a free website builder or use a cheap hosting provider.

In this article, we will share some tips for small business owners out there who are planning to build their website.


  1. Pick an easy to remember domain name – first of all, you should choose and buy a domain name for your website. This is a crucial part of your business so be sure to come up with a unique name that is also easy to remember. Keep it as short and direct as possible. It is best if it is easy to spell to avoid complications. You do not want to lead your customers to another website just because your domain name is too complicated to spell.

  2. Come up with basic and clean layout – do not overdo with six or eight frames layout on one page. Readers like the basic layout where they can read content at ease. Using white space as a design element is important to make the site easier to look at. Too much words and less spaces can give your readers a headache so you should make sure to consider some white spaces. Well, you can always use website buildertool to help you come up with a good layout and overall design.For those in the recruiting business looking to structure their website, reviewing recruitment website design templates can provide some excellent examples. These templates often combine simplicity with functionality, creating an ideal user experience.

  3. Publish high quality and easy to read content – when creating content, make sure that it is informative and easy to read. Keep your articles simple and do not make it too long if not necessary. Also, be sure to provide accurate information based on your research. When posting items that you are selling, be sure to provide complete details and accurate pictures so customers have clear idea about the product.

  4. Make your website responsive or mobile-friendly – you should also make your website mobile friendly for users who are using their mobile phones when browsing. It would be great to make your site responsive so the layout looks fine even when using smaller device like mobile phone.

  1. Take advantage of social media to invite more traffic – lastly, it is best to promote your site in various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others. This is a good way to introduce your site and at the same time invite people to visit and try out the products or services you offer. You can also use social media to announce new promotions or product releases.


Building a website for your business indeed have many advantages.

You should not get intimidated because it is really not that complicated and techy.

In fact, you can build your site on your own. You do not need to hire expensive designers or developers. You can find all tools you need online.

The important thing is to update regularly with high quality content for your customers.