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How and why marketers are having to adapt at a pace of change within businesses

The current COVID-19 crisis is impacting everyone in some way:

How companies conduct business, how information is consumed, deciding what we really need and what we buy, are now being re-examined.

Many businesses are forced to go virtual, and they may not be comfortable in that space.  We witnessed this behaviour happening before the pandemic although things have escalated further in last few weeks.

Devices and apps deliver instant gratification allowing consumers to receive products and services quickly and easily, however, the always-on and completely connected nature of today’s world means that people expect to get things faster than ever before.

Making impulse purchases using Apple Pay with next day delivery options via Amazon Prime has created a culture where now is the new normal. Many marketers are now having to adopt new strategies often changing tact daily to keep up with supply and demand.

The extent to which Britain has become impatient nation is revealed in a new report as findings showing that more than eight in 10 consumers admit that they are impatient.

The study also found that thirteen percent of adults said they hate waiting for anything and 41 percent said nothing is more frustrating than wasted time.

And although research shows that generally service across all industries is quicker nowadays, it seems expectations are much higher.

The emerging ‘need it now’ culture sees people watching TV only on catch up to avoid adverts, walking out of a shop if it’s too busy and hanging up the phone if they are on hold longer than five minutes.

This culture of instant results is placing huge pressure on marketers and businesses with evidence suggesting that work is a major cause for impatience. One in eight (82% )of workers are now expected to deliver instant results at work, with 15% of employees saying their boss demands immediate responses to emails at anytime of the day.

In the survey, workers say their bosses want everything yesterday (18%). Add to this, a third of employees claim that the industry that they work in is changing so quickly that they can’t keep up.

Evidently companies are having evolve quickly to keep up with the competition. This is creating an unprecedented shift in the way that businesses deal with modern day consumers as almost everyone is making decisions on what they really want and how it is consumed rapidly changing.

Will people continue to buy in the way that they are used to once the pandemic is over? It’s likely that their budgets will tighten over the coming weeks with consumers considering whether, or not, certain products or services are essential.

Difficult decisions in difficult times, but one thing is certain that marketers and business must continue to adapt to new ways of working and at pace consumers demand.