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How to push past the 3 LinkedIn marketing barriers that stop most business owners

Do you know the 3 biggest LinkedIn Marketing barriers that block many Business Owners from growing their online presence on social media?

If you’re a business owner who wants to overcome these LinkedIn Marketing barriers and push on to get more likes and shares on LinkedIn and build brand awareness for your business, then read this immediately.

Barrier #1: Getting Engagement on LinkedIn

Getting engagement on LinkedIn is not an easy task for most businesses. It is hard to build a community of people who are interested in your brand or business when you first started. It is essential to get engagement because, without them, your marketing efforts won’t be successful. You can create more brand awareness if your engagement will increase over time.

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You can bypass this barrier by taking a few steps. This first thing that you should do is asking the employees to make a LinkedIn profile and complete their profile with the organization name. You can ask them to be like and share the content of the company. This will attract more people, and you will get more engagement.

If that is too time consuming for you, we recommend you to buy LinkedIn likes from a reputable marketing service provider. It is completely okay to do this especially when you are starting out. However, you need to make sure that the marketing service provider is reputable that does not use bots to provide the service.

Barrier #2: Creating Content People Actually Want To Read on LinkedIn

Creating content that people want is not easy. It requires a lot of effort, but most importantly, you need to come up with an idea of creating such content. Reaching this idea is very difficult.

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You might even waste your whole day thinking about the content. This becomes a barrier in your marketing because you can only attract people if they like your content. Only then, your marketing can be successful.

This barrier creates many problems. The most important problem is that you don’t get enough engagement from the followers. They don’t want to read, like or share your post.

Consequently, your sales and conversions are also affected. For example, you are doing the marketing of a new brand. Your brand can only be popular if you create engaging content that people want. To make marketing successful, you need to overcome this barrier.

You can easily bypass this barrier by looking around. You need to know about the marketing trend, competitor’s strategy and people’s likes and dislikes.

This will give you an idea to create engaging content. But if you are already in this problem, then you should revise your content and make it up to mark. You can do changes to highlight your marketing. Further, you can also include videos and images in your campaign because they are more engaging.

Barrier #3: Creating a Buzz Quickly Around Each New Content Piece

New content has no traffic on it in most cases. Once you create content for marketing, it is necessary to drive traffic and create a buzz quickly so that your marketing can be successful. If your new content is not getting views, then it can ruin your marketing campaign. Therefore, it is necessary to overcome this problem.

To bypass this problem, you need to create engaging and short content. Start your marketing with short contents like videos and images. This will create awareness among new people. So, they will be ready to get more information about that.

Then you can share more information. You might have seen trailers of movies. The main aim of the trailer is to inform people about the content. After seeing the trailer, most people are attracted to the main content, which is the movie. You can also do the same thing. In this way, your new content will get more readers or viewers.

If you are already stuck due to this barrier, then it is time to rephrase your marketing strategy. You can start creating awareness on other social media platforms as well.

You can also take help from influencers who have followers in the market, and their followers can be interested in your brand. With the help of influencers, you can reshape your marketing that was stuck.


Every businessman needs to overcome the above three barriers to leverage the business.

These barriers cease your growth and marketing. You need to overcome them as soon as possible.

We have shared some methods to bypass and overcome these barriers. These might be helpful for your business.