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Interesting ideas generated by Jean’s International Women’s Day challenge

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Interesting ideas generated by Jean’s International Women’s Day challenge

Jean Wolfe writes .… It is a month for thinking about women!  Mothers Day in two weeks time and International Women’s Day on Sunday.

On our Attract Readers site my partner-in-crime Ute Wieczorek-King and I have challenged women to write a thoughtful article which is a bit longer.

Longer blog posts are getting more Google love these days so we felt it created an opportunity.  Plus the idea was to come up with a new angle or a new idea

We have now published 4 in the run up to International Women’s Day and I thought you might like to see them, and share your voice by adding your own comment.

The consensus is that it has been helpful to have the challenge and get down to voicing an opinion about something that is important.  However because it is not urgent it never gets to the top of the To Do list.

For the first time ever, Transport for London (TfL) has redesigned its iconic roundel to mark International Women’s Day.

TfL’s roundel has been reimagined in green, purple and white inspired by the suffragette movement that played a key role in the fight for women’s rights. The roundel depicts three women, representing the coming together of women in solidarity, friendship and support.

Five Tube stations display the roundels because of their connection with women and transport. Maida Vale was the first station to be fully staffed by women during the First World War, the first woman Tube driver started her job at Upton Park and the first woman signaller worked at Covent Garden. Victoria station was named in honour of Queen Victoria. The roundels are also featured at Seven Sisters.

” At some point, within the past year or two, I became aware that I’m a bully. Oh… of course, I’m a generous, kind, and considerate person to anyone else, except myself. By viewing myself through some imagined male viewfinder,”

Have you noticed that over the past few years, there has been an increase in abnormal hormonal changes in women of all ages?

When you want a photograph of yourself and you think a selfie won’t do!

And how a personal experience of injury has led to thoughts about disability.  And of course this is the subject on everyone’s lips at the moment.  Maybe we will have to self isolate even if we are not ill with Coronovirus.  What effect would it have?

It is also Women’s History Month, and World Book day was yesterday. Apparently women read (far more books than men so it is time for us to get our voice out there on line.

Wishing you a wonderful month.

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