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Dave’s Laughter Spot : “That’s right, all beers are just a penny today”

Dave walks into a bar

He is served a pint of lager. “1 penny please” said the barman “1 penny? a pint of lager is just 1 penny? said Dave

“That’s right, all beers are just a penny today” said the barman. after he had about 5 pints, he asks for a bottle of wine “That’s also a penny a bottle, in fact you can have 3 bottles of wine for just 2 pennies” said the barman.

Dave can’t believe it, this is the greatest bar ever. He orders 100 bottles and still has change in his wallet.

“How much for a whiskey” he asks “Whiskey is free today, in fact all spirits are free..what would you like? said the barman Dave orders every full bottle from all the shelves and calls for a taxi to take him home and to load up all the booze.

Before he leaves he says to the barman “Sir, you are the greatest bar owner I have ever met” “Oh I’m not the owner” said the barman “I just work here”

“Where’s the owner?” asks Dave “He’s in a hotel somewhere with my wife” “What’s he doing with her there there?” asks Dave

The barman replied “The same thing I’m doing to his business”