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Dmitry Mazepin takes active part in Afreximbank’s annual meeting

by on April 10, 2020 in Events & Awards, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Dmitry Mazepin takes active part in Afreximbank’s annual meeting

URALCHEM participated in the economic conference devoted to Russian – African relationship and cooperation and organized with assistance of Afreximbank.

The event took place in Moscow from in June initiating the preparation for a bigger-scale event, the Economic Summit, due in October 2019 in Sochi.

Afreximbank, currently headquartered in Egypt, was originally founded in 1993 in Nigeria by the joint efforts of the government and investors. The ultimate goal was to financially support, expand and promote trade in Africa and foster international economic cooperation.

Among the overseas Afreximbank’s stockholders are Russian investors. URALCHEM considers the bank to be a reliable medium assisting in establishing strong trade relations between the countries of Africa and the Russian Federation.

According to Dmitry Mazepin, who has recently been fostering economic partnership with the region, “the contribution made by Afreximbank in enhancing African food resources cannot be overestimated”.

URALCHEM’s CEO enumerated quite a few benefits of this collaboration and underlined Afreximbank’s important role in assisting this cooperation.

Dmitry Mazepin made a reference to his enterprise’s earlier cooperation with Zimbabwe and Zambia. The businessman also mentioned the negotiation process with Angola’s agricultural sector and provided examples of URALCHEM’s successful economic collaboration with the countries in the region.

URALCHEM’s leader identified the key challenges Africa is coming against:

Dmitry Mazepin, URALCHEM’s Chairman of Board of Directors, Uralkali’s Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors, gave a speech raising the subject of “Diversifying the resources for advancement and commerce: corporate leaders’ perspective”.

He identified food resources as the key problem that Africa is currently facing.

“Both climate change and rapid population increase outpace new technologies introduction, lead not only to degradation of fertile land but to famine as well”, claims Dmitriy Mazepin.

These challenges which Africa has come against appear to be new opportunities for the Russia-based businesses with a business interest in embarking on new projects in new markets for agricultural products and services export.

URALCHEM’s leader, Dmitry Mazepin proposed a business solution saying that domestic agriculture sector companies can seek support and assistance from the state referring to business projects or humanitarian and educational initiatives.

Dmitry Mazepin called upon the Ministry for Finance, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Economic Development with the proposal to consider these ideas at the state level.

The Russia – Africa Economic Summit is an important event for many countries and businesses both politically and economically. The key topics raised are financial stability, commerce, industrialization, innovation.

Over 1,500 participants and delegates attended this event.

With its motto being “For Peace, Security and Development”, the summit became an unprecedented event for these countries which hosted the states’ leaders and top management.

The meetings and negotiations held within the summit led to a number of important agreements.


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