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How to boost cell phone signals

by on May 28, 2020 in Lead Article, Mobile Marketing, News you can use, Nuggets, Tech

How to boost cell phone signals

I may not believe you if you say that you have never been bothered by poor signals during a phone call.

The telecommunication companies try their best to send the strongest possible signals that are regularly amplified by cell towers distributed over the area.

However, there is still a big chance that these signals become feebler as they travel farther away from the source or a tower. Apart from the increased distance, the mountains, trees, buildings even the building material of your own house and many other factors can contribute to weakening these signals. Thus, it is very common to encounter weak cellular signals.

That said, you can still adopt some precautions to avoid such awkward ‘Hello! Hello! Can you hear me?’ situations. Let me describe these measures one by one:

Make Sure Your Phone Is Fine

Get your phone checked for any damages; it could be one of the causes why you are not receiving proper signals.

There is a built-in radio transmitter and receiver set, on your phone that makes your daily chitchat possible with your friends. A damaged set means the sound and electronic signals will not interconvert to establish proper communication.

Make sure your device is in the best condition to avoid weak signal issues.

Put The Tech To Use

Technology has also offered a share in reducing your concerns regarding communication.

Cellphone signal boosters are a new way of amplifying the signals you receive. A reliable signal amplifier like Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster Nikrans LCD-500GDW booster grabs the weak signals outside, greatly boosts the strength of these signals, and then distributes them in your home or office.

Update Your Device

You may have ignored that update notification you received on your phone.

Well, cellular companies send a set of instructions to your mobile devices regarding the towers that are more suitable to connect with.

Without the update, your phone reaches out for receiving signals without knowing which tower it should link to. This may reduce your chances of getting quality signals. Therefore, it is necessary to install the updates sent by your service provider for a better connection.

Change Your Location

The signal quality tends to be better near the towers and on higher altitudes.

To increase the signal strength, you could move a floor or two higher in your building. As mentioned earlier, the building materials also deplete the signals entering your homes or offices.

Therefore, moving nearer to the windows or going outside may prove helpful for better phone communication in certain situations. Furthermore, mountains and hills also reduce the quality of communication you receive, so moving to higher ground is a better option.

In this era of technology and high-raised buildings, we cannot avoid cellphone signal problems. Sometimes, radiations interfere with each other to reduce the signal quality, and at other times, they die out on striking the building you live in.

Therefore, a signal booster/amplifier is the need of the hour.

It can help you in receiving the best possible signal strength, allowing you to talk to your friends and families at any time of the day.


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