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How to learn to write a thesis sentence

Do you know how to generate a thesis statement?

Studies show that a good number of college students cannot write a good thesis in their essays.

However, it is vital to learn how to write a thesis statement since every academic paper cannot give useful information without an argument.

Every student would want to get their work give them higher marks/grades. It is at this point where you need to hook your professor on the essay you write by providing a reasonable thesis statement.

Here are some guidelines on how to write a thesis.

What is a Thesis Statement?

Every successful writing or speech must have a thesis. When you write an essay without a thesis sentence, your information or argument becomes meaningless and flat. A thesis statement is a sentence that captures the main idea of any information.

In the student’s assignments, the thesis statement summarizes the topic and also comments on your stand concerning the subject. Have you seen a building without a strong foundation? Therefore, it is the foundation and structure of your arguments. For students who lack enough time to write their assignments, customessayorder helps you to solve writing problems.

A thesis usually comes as the last sentence of your introduction to make a claim and give an insight into what the reader(s) can expect from the rest of the paper. It answers the question asked.

The body paragraphs in the essay gather and organize findings to provide evidence and persuade the audience about your discussion. It is usually a statement of two sentences maximum.

How to know Thesis Statement is strong.

If your thesis statement is weak, your content or discussion will not be practical to the readers. Writing a strong thesis is quite challenging; you may end up presenting broad statements that do not give focus to your argument. You should not leave your assignment inclining on a flawing thesis. Written by seasoned professionals of a renowned nursing essay writing service, this guideline is crafted with decades worth of practice in the field.

A stiff thesis sentence must have a claim that focuses on answering the question. The statement should take a position that others can object; your thesis should not provide a flat summary of facts and evidence that everyone agrees, but it must have a definable and arguable claim. It should be a concise and specific statement since vague statements have a weak argument.

When you make a particular statement, it will focus mainly on the question rather than wandering on unnecessary issues. A successful thesis does not require “yes” or “no” answering, not a topic nor a fact or opinion; it tells “what” and “how” to argue in your essay.

How do you generate a thesis statement?

It is the most crucial step and most common in essay writing. Developing a thesis statement is not the first step after reading your assignment; there should be an adequate and lengthy thinking process. Before you formulate a claim on any topic, you need to search and collect evidence, and try to acknowledge possible relationships between facts and understand the broader significance of the problem.

Use both primary and secondary sources to help you in coming up with facts and their relationships. You can also get custom research papers at for cheap. When formulating a thesis statement, your response needs to define the keywords or phrases in the question to demonstrate that you understand the subject and its requirements.

Avoid uncertain words to state your thesis since they may render it ineffective. The statement should be limited to what you intend to accomplish in the paper.

Five types of Thesis Statements.

Students write different kinds of papers while in college. The various essays also may require differentiated approaches depending on what you want to accomplish in the article. First, some statements try to answer and state a cause for a particular outcome.

Second, some thesis statements evaluate issues that one tries to find their impact. Another type of thesis explains how things occur or how people do things. The argumentative thesis sentence discusses facts concerning the relationship between two or more issues that people claim to impact each other. Explanatory thesis statements expose readers to descriptions about a subject in an expository essay.

How do you Use Semicolon and Colon in a Thesis Statement?

Sometimes you may need to write a lengthy thesis statement that gives details of every fundamental concept of your topic. Semicolon helps you to write a longer comment by combining sentences that carry the same idea to make your statement easy-to-read to your readers.

Also, the semicolon can go well with transition words to show the relationship between ideas.

You may use a colon where you have a thesis that contains a list of answers to your question; therefore, you use a colon before your list to make the statement and answers clearer.

Write your Essay.

After you read and understand the essay topic, you now need to start working on your essay. You need to conduct thorough research from informative resources to generate adequate information about the subject. Write your thesis statement based on the facts and relationships you found.

The thesis should be specific and connecting to the ideas you intend to write. Follow the standard outline of an essay writing to make your content connect and flow effectively.

Ensure you visit to request already written papers that can help you in writing a perfect assignment. It is essential to use an active voice in your homework to make your work more attractive to the reader.

Remember, your thesis statement is vital throughout your document; therefore, every discussion should focus on your thesis. Rephrase your thesis sentence at the beginning of your concluding paragraph to remind the reader of what the article entails.

Also, do not include new information in conclusion; every concluding concept should connect to the information in your discussion.


Writing a strong thesis from a question may be a daunting task for most students. However, when you understand the vital role such a statement plays in your assignments, you may want to produce quality work. Academic success calls for seriousness in writing academic essays; you need to devote adequate time to learn writing skills.

Formulating a thesis statement may take considerable time to think than the other sections of your article. Since your thesis statement is significant, it is a good idea to look at the above tips to help you learn how to write an effective thesis.

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