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Why employee benefits are good for company culture

Nothing is worse for staff wellbeing than a toxic work environment.

If your organisation encourages hierarchy and rivalry within its culture, then your employees are going to feel undervalued and overwrought, leading to a higher turnover of staff.

Obviously, this isn’t what any business owner wants. So, how might you go about creating a company culture which is more nurturing for your staff?

We recommend that you start by introducing an employee benefits package to your business.

Employee benefits are compensations you can offer your staff alongside their wages and will usually include things like paid time off work or pension schemes. They’re helpful for businesses in a multitude of ways, especially for promoting positive company culture.

Here’s how employee benefits can improve your work environment:

They Encourage Productivity

In any scenario, if someone feels valued and heard, they feel happier, too. Following on from this, research has shown that people in a positive work environment are more productive than others. An employee benefits program can boost your staff morale by showing them they’re valued because you’ve spent the time and money to cater to their needs.

For instance, supplying staff with paid holiday leave is an excellent incentive for them to work harder throughout the year, whilst also demonstrating how you value their mental wellbeing over and above making loads of money. By investing in employee benefits, you can promote an upbeat and productive work environment, in turn cultivating great company culture.

They Inspire Loyalty

We’ve all been there; a work environment where everyone is gossiping about everyone, where employees will belittle their co-workers or undermine authority, and employees are constantly coming and going.

This creates an unfriendly company culture which makes staff feel furtive and uncomfortable. Introducing an employee benefits program is one way you can counteract this kind of environment.

If you show your workforce you care for them, you’re going to discourage negative attitudes and behaviours, making them feel more inclined to remain with your company, which in turn increases rates of staff retention. This builds a greater sense of community within the company, whilst also saving you money on rehiring and training. Employee benefits are a great way to encourage loyalty and positivity.

They Support Staff

It’s important to consider the individuals that make up a workforce. Each person has different responsibilities and mental health or physical health needs. Employee benefits are a way to ensure everyone is supported, so they don’t have to bring their problems to work.

Paid maternity leave, for example, will massively ease the strains of early parenthood for your employees; whilst paid time off work can aid the recovery of those with mental or physical ailments. By supporting staff with an employee benefits program, you can significantly improve your company culture as there will be less unexplained absences or resentment from staff who feel they have been wronged.

They Double-Up as Reward Strategies

Employee benefits can dually act as rewards strategies, providing employees with different perks depending on what they do for the company.

This can give your staff a greater sense of purpose as they have something to work towards. For example, employee benefits usually include accumulating more paid holiday for the more days worked.

Resultantly, there are fewer staff absences, promoting a more productive company culture.

Check out Zest Benefits if you’re wondering how to implement an employee benefits program which also successfully acts as a rewards strategy.

It should now be apparent how employee benefits can improve your company culture.

They encourage friendliness, loyalty, participation; they demonstrate how much you value and support your staff.

Finally, they reward the positive behaviours that will allow your company to flourish.