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How to attract customers to your new online business

by on June 19, 2020 in Business, Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets, Online Advertising, Small Business, Startups

How to attract customers to your new online business

In recent years, online business has become more popular than ever before.

People are finding different ways to grow their business by promoting online and reaching new customers.

There are many tactics and tips that you need to be aware of for increasing your business. If you have the potential to outsource your services and make a benefit to your customers, no one can stop you from ramping up your business.

The growth of your online business merely depends on how you use the different platforms effectively. Online promotion is way more easy and convenient than traditional marketing methods to find new potential customers and sell your products. If you have started your online business and are looking to attract new customers, then here are some ways that will be helpful for you.

Effective ways of attracting new customers:

Make an irresistible first impression:

You might have heard about the saying, ‘The first impression is the last impression.’ Yes, that has become the key point for many businesses to attract new customers. Imagine people visiting your online store or website, which presents a poorly structured layout with a lot of silly mistakes. Will they find your site interesting or trustable? Of course, No.

Thus, you have to make sure that your eCommerce store or website has an attractive, user-friendly interface so that your visitors are excited to use it.

You have to adapt to the theme that represents your profession and gains the trust of the visitors. Present a narrative of how you started this business and what its significance is. Sometimes, your struggle or dream can become an inspiration to many other upcoming people in the business.

You can hire any web designing agency or look up for freelancers who can add an elegant look to your website.

Offer promotional deals:

Discounts are magnets for attracting customers to online businesses. Before you offer the discounts, you have to come up with a plan. You can decide on targeting people with relevant interests and age groups that would buy your services or products.

You can offer them discounts on a limited number of products or the type of purchase so that they stick with you. Although offering discounts is not a long-term strategy, it can be effective in acquiring new customers to your online business. Once people know that they can save some money by buying your products, they will become your potential customers in the long run.

You can share the promotional deals on social media or your blog to reach as many people as possible. These people can share the news with their friends or relatives who need the services you offer. Hence, promotional deals turn out to be a great way of finding new customers. It also helps in your branding and marketing.

Give away freebies:

Contests and free giveaways are another way of attracting people to your business. In this time of social media, you can run online contests and give some of your best products as prizes to the participants. This will not only attract customers but also improve your social presence.

Some new online businesses offer free samples to their customers so that they can test the products before buying them. This strategy mostly works for cosmetic and food products. In case your business doesn’t fall into this category, you can opt for the contest and discount strategies that can introduce you to new customers.

Make your presence on online directories:

You might have heard about the local, online, or web directories that have a list of online websites or businesses. Many people refer to these directories to find the best services that are available in their vicinity.

You can list your business in these directories so that the potential customers can reach you and find your contact information. You can also add your business in the google business directory so that the internet search engines can show up your business to relevant searches.

Be active on social media:

Be it twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, people prefer contacting businesses on social media rather than contacting them through customer services.

The reason being these are active platforms and offer a much easier way to communicate with each other. If you want to attract the customers and make them a permanent buyer, you can ask their reviews or solve their issues through social media.

Make sure you offer them quick responses and positive replies to their queries. Gain their trust so that they feel secure and comfortable buying your services or becoming your potential client.

Make your website SEO friendly:

One of the famous and most challenging ways to reach customers is by ranking on the search engines. For this, you have to work on your website and make it SEO friendly so that it ranks for relevant keywords searches on google, yahoo, or any other search engine. You need to follow some strategies for ranking your website in these search engines, such as using proper keywords and metadata in your blog posts or website pages.

This will improve your credibility and have a positive impact on domain authority, which is one of the significant factors for a ranking website in online searches.  If you want to determine your website’s domain authority, you can use free online DA checkers to help you. You can work on link building by commenting and guest posting on popular sites that can showcase your services to other people.

Post relevant articles:

If you want to attract more people, find a way to solve their problems. Plan some professional and helpful blog posts that can solve people’s issues or educate them. You need to be consistent in providing your thoughts and knowledge in your business niche.

You can promote these articles through social media for quick and easier access. This way, people can reach your website for finding solutions to their problems, which will also become another way of attracting them to your products.


Customers are the pillars of any business, so you have to make sure to fulfill their interests, needs, or solve their problems in the best way possible.

You can also try paid advertising until you build a reputation on the internet.

We hope that you can now attract new customers to your business by following different ways mentioned in this article.


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