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How to ensure eye protection in style – Get Blue Blocker glasses

Blue blocker glasses in designer frames are what you need to save your eyes in style.

Most blue light glasses available in the market come with not-so-appealing yellow-tinted lenses and boring frames that don’t add anything to your look.

However, Specscart makes sure to bring both elements of style and protection for you with its glasses. That’s a part of their mission which aims at changing the way people perceive eyeglasses. And to transform eyeglasses from being just an eyesight correction instrument to a fast-fashion accessory.

But Why Are Blue Blocker Glasses Even Necessary? 

The answer is, because of the blue light.

This light is a part of the visible light spectrum with a wavelength that’s higher than the ultraviolet light. The light has very high energy that’s hazardous for our eyes. As it enters through the cornea (the front layer) and reaches the retina (the back layer), it causes irreversible damage.

One of the diseases that you might encounter is macular degeneration. This is concerning the damage that happens on the retina and may even cause complete loss of vision. Apart from this, blue light may also lead to lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, insomnia and depression.

The reason is that blue light hampers the production of two important hormones. One of them is melatonin – the sleep hormone and the other is cortisol which helps in metabolism.

The sleep hormone in our bodies takes the responsibility of putting us to sleep at the right time in the day.

However, with exposure to blue light, your body mistakes it to be daylight assuming that it’s not the time to sleep, and does not produce the sleep hormone.

This, in turn, does not signal the production of cortisol which helps you stay away from diabetes and obesity by keeping your metabolism in check.

The lack of sleep one day can eventually turn into insomnia. This can boost the build-up of neurotoxins in your brain, thus, increasing your chances of depression.

The clear early symptoms of the damage of blue light are in the form of computer vision syndrome.

This syndrome is a term for the eye strains, resulting in headaches, dry eyes, blurry eyes, sensitivity towards bright light, etc. that come with prolonged exposure to blue light.

So, now you know how dangerous blue light is and why it’s so important to block it. That’s why Specscart brings you digital blue light protection with advanced X-blue lenses that can block the blue light and become a blessing for your eyes.

But, but, but! Specscart makes these blue blocker glasses with crystal clear lenses, that too, in designer frames. These are available in magnificent styles like cat-eyes, aviators, retro rounds, tortoiseshell glasses etc. that push your style up a notch.

Unlike many yellow-tinted glasses that not only lead to colour distortion but also make your looks unappealing,

Specscart’s blue blocker glasses help you accentuate your charm while promising flattering looks.

How do they make this happen? With their in-house designers making flamboyant frames under the brand name Tom Archer and Marc Fabien for men and women.

Along with them, Specscart has a team of lab technicians with over 20 years of experience that work in their in-house labs.

They make for you high quality and comfortable frames with premium materials like acetate and titanium, to serve you nothing less than what you and your eyes deserve.

With such products, Specscart also has amazing services to complement. These include the reglaze my glasses service along with the free 7 day home trial, free essential coatings, zero-cost shipping and returns to make your shopping experience more fun and convenient.

So, get cracking! Do your eye a favour and grab a pair of stylish frames as blue blocker glasses today! All you need to do is choose your favourite frames and select the digital blue light protection for lenses at Specscart to get yourself a spectacle.

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