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The 5 SEO basics you need to master

If you have any kind of online presence either for a blog, business, or marketing you know that search engine optimization is really important.

Few people who don’t have the basic skills hit a few stumbling blocks here and there but the good news is that they can always outsource SEO services in Malaysia.

If you wish to learn how search engines work, you need to do extensive research. It takes time and lots of effort to get the results you wish for. That’s why you should invest in a good SEO service to handle things for you, such as Robin Ooi.

SEO Basics

There are so many factors that affect the ranking on a search engine. Additionally, the dynamics are always changing thanks to the advancements in technology. The local SEO in Chicago, for instance, is very different from local SEO in Malaysia. Both have competitive markets but the strategies used to get a high ranking vary. However, if you have an idea of the basis, you are off to a good start.

Here are the five SEO basics:

  1. Links

Links are an integral part of SEO as they help people grow their rank on search engines. If the number of links on a website decreases, its ranking automatically drops. If you don’t leverage links, your rank will remain at the bottom of the pack.

  1. Content

This is yet another very important aspect of the ranking algorithm. All search engines purpose to provide their readers with the best information.

If your content is always up-to-date with appropriate keywords then you can expect to rank higher. If you neglect your content you’re setting yourself up for failure. Content is what brings people to your website and eeps them coming back.

Try creating long-form content that has depth as this allows you to target as many keywords as possible.

  1. Headlines and Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the brief explanations that are displayed on the page showing the search results. This information plays a huge role on the kind of impression that you make – so make it a good one. It greatly influences the user’s decision on whether or not to visit your website to check out your content

Use keywords and catchy phrases that will catch the readers’ attention. The meta descriptions are a huge factor in your click-through rate.

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You should make sure that your meta descriptions match the content that they represent. Otherwise, the reader will go back and click on the next result.

  1. User Experience

Search engines like Google put the user experience into account when ranking a website.

The navigation needs to be made as easy as possible for the user. If the user experience on your website is wanting, that negatively affects your ranking.

If you wish that your site ranks higher, you ought to design it better. Keep the site clutter-free and simple while still limiting the ads on display.

  1. Go mobile

Make sure that your website is mobile friendly – mobile SEO is now more important than ever as more people use their phones to browse the net. Additionally, you should make the site optimized for a voice search on smartphones.


Working on optimizing your content may have you feeling like you are trying to hit an ever-moving target.

But if you put together the five basics you’ll be sure to make several hits. You should make sure that only you go after what is important and that which is beneficial to your website.

These things are doable! or just hire a seo consultant.