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Wristwatch Laughter Spot : “What he had witnessed during the night”

A young lad woke in the small hours needing to use the bathroom.

He walked into his parents room as was his habit and came across his parents in the heights of making love. His startled father jumped off of his position and said,

“What do you want??!!”

“I need a wee wee Dad,” replied the boy.

His father supervised the lad in the bathroom and returned to bed. The next morning, the father told his son that he could have the morning off school as he was taking him shopping.

The boy could choose any present he liked, providing he promised not to tell anyone what he had witnessed during the night.

The boy chose a lovely, real boys wristwatch,

the watch that really was the envy of any boy who didn’t have one.

Sporting his new watch and promising not to tell, off he proudly went for school after lunch. His very, VERY best friend was, as expected, very envious and asked how come he had got that lovely wristwatch when it wasn’t his birthday or any special occasion.

So he explained things in detail to his very best friend who was determined to try to get himself that lovely wristwatch using the same method. Laying awake for hours that night and allowing a little time after his parents had gone to bed, the boy marched promptly into his parents bedroom and, as luck would have it, his parents were engaged in lovemaking.

His startled father said,

“What do you want??”

The boy replied, “I wanna watch Dad.”

“Well come in and shut that door,” Dad answered.