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ActiveCampaign Discount Code & Review 2020

by on September 25, 2020 in Uncategorized

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ActiveCampaign is one size fits all very user-friendly marketing solution for marketers and small business owners. ActiveCampaign offers a large selection of tools that are designed to help small businesses start the conversation, engage, and ultimately keep their customers. From getting new prospects to measuring post-sales customer experience. ActiveCampaign delivers a great user experience with a positive ROI for demand generation.  Looking just for the ActiveCampaign discount code click here.

ActiveCampaign boasts a great set of email and messaging features. One of their strengths is integrating email and messaging solutions along with built-in CRM and sales automation sequences.  ActiveCampaign helps businesses to create dedicated marketing workflows as well as automated follow-up email sequences, while at the same time tracking prospect behaviour over multiple marketing and sales channels. 

ActiveCampaign integrates with over 160 apps and services using Zapier. These  apps and services range from accounting, content management solutions, and analytics, all the way to field services that are focused on sales, support, as well as demand generation. 

Site Tracking – connects your marketing to a contact’s online behaviour allowing you to see what they are doing on the website and adapt your marketing to what they are interested in. Using ActiveCampaign, you can track what webpages prospects view on your website; you can then run dedicated specific campaigns geared the prospects focus areas such as pricing or your comparison website page.  

Conditional Content – ActiveCampaign Conditional Content allows you to dynamically change your emails using their block system to change the content on what your prospects clicked on. If you are sending out an email informing your prospects of an upcoming sales campaign, you could use these features to display the specific product/solutions that they have viewed previously. 

Event Tracking –  Event Tracking allows you to be notified of specific actions that you have previously predefined in their workflows. If the prospect visits your website or clicks on certain pages, then you can be notified allowing you to send them highly personalised marketing messages. You could use ActiveCampaign Event Tracking to notify ActiveCampaign when a prospect clicks onto your website, or when they purchase your goods and then trigger a follow-up campaign. 

Easy-to-use API – Feedback about ActiveCampaign API has been very positive so far and will reduce your headaches when you try to integrate all your different cloud marketing software packages.  

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Intuitive automation builder – ActiveCamapigns has focused their time and money on making sure the user experience is very good, this positive experience carries is part of their automation builder which has a drag and drop flowchart tool, this tool is intuitive and easy to use.  

Email split testing – ActiveCampaign email split testing feature allows companies to test different sender information, subject lines, call to actions, and email main body content so you can identify what works best with your audience. You can decide how many email prospects should get multiple versions of the marketing test and then you send the strongest response email to the rest of your contacts. 

ActiveCampaign CRM

Sales CRM – ActiveCampaign’s automation tools have strong CRM functionality to extend into their CRM system so there is a seamless transition from the marketing department into actual sales. The same marketing automation tool that can be used during the marketing campaign can also be used to automate many housekeeping tasks during the ongoing sales journey. 

Advanced lead scoring – ActiveCampaign’s solutiongives you the option to create lead scoring with many unlimited rules so you have flexibility and control to measure your leads along with any extra criteria that is important to your organisation. These lead scores can be used for your automation plan allowing you to distribute a lead to your sales team once the prospect has met your pre-defined criteria  

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