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Leadpages Discount Code 2020 & Review

by on September 9, 2020 in Business, Uncategorized

Leadpages Discount Code 2020 & Review

Leadpages is a suite of cloud-based software that enables marketing managers and small business owners to create their own bespoke landing pages and Call-To-Actions – designed to focus on lead generation not dealing with a web developer if you are looking just for the Leadpages Discount Code 2020 deal then click here

There are many benefits that companies enjoy by signing up to the Leadpages solution; there are over  130 professionally designed landing page templates, an easy to use drag-and-drop editing suite to customise these templates, the ability to A/B split test landing page design, the opportunity to create exit intent and two-step opt-in Leadbox leadboxes all help to increase conversions for organisations who use Leadpapges.

Leadpages Templates

Leadpages’ services are responsive, and all pages created using Leadpages will be optimised to run seamlessly on any device. The editor makes it extremely easy for organisations to view their content on various platforms as well.

Leadpages is one of the larger companies dominating the landing page niche  With over 48,000 customers; it’s likely, you’ve already landed on a few landing pages powered by Leadpages.

Companies using Leadpages have experienced large improvements in conversion rates, which has increased interest from other marketing managers and small business owners. Why do companies have large increases in conversions using Landingpages?  and specifically, of your lead generation efforts.”

Your companies landing page is a crucial part of inbound marketing, and the landing page will be the first thing your prospects will see that showcases your companies brand and messaging.

The landing page doesn’t have any hyperlink distractions, which helps increase conversions. Research has shown sending prospects to a dedicated landing page dramatically increases conversion rates.

Using Leadpapges A/B split testing, you can quickly test your value proposition and tweak or change the messaging without having to deal with expensive developers having to get involved.


Leadpages easy to use drag and drop templates makes it easy to quickly design new landing pages or you can use their industry landing pages or my favourite is to filter the templates by conversion rates which helps you take advantage of other companies conversion optimisation strategies. Why reinvent the wheel.

There are quite a few designer designs for users to choose from when deciding the landing page format that suits their business needs best – over 160.

Companies can also browse Leadpages’ library of landing page templates based on the industry in which they’re designed to appear.


Leadpages uses a smart drag-and-drop web builder. There is a bit of learning phase, and you need to make sure the landing pages are correctly integrated with the lead boxes in order to make sure you record the prospect’s business information when they register their details.  I have lost quite a few leads due to the software integrations not correctly setup.


Leadpages’ online editor also allows users to resize their text, buttons and other content by simply clicking and dragging them; you can tweak the template designs to fit your needs.  


Leadpages Checkouts uses Stripe back office technology for payment processing; Stripe is free to set up and takes a percentage of sales for their payment. 

Platform Integrations

Leadpages has focussed its integration efforts on Facebook and Instagram. A Facebook feature is automatically embedded to help companies track their conversion rates using Leadpapges and Facebook.

Using Zapier, companies have access to multiple third-party tools to integrate Leadpages into their companies marketing platforms.

Customer Service

Leadpages service levels are linked to what plan you choose, if you take the basic plan, then support takes longer to get back to you and you don’t have access to live chat.

If you need speed and aren’t familiar with Leadpages functionality, I would recommend taking the Pro Leadpages plan.

Leadpapges offers a library to help you increase your knowledge to help improve the number of leads you will receive from using Leadpages.

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