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GoToMeeting Discount Code

by on October 28, 2020 in Uncategorized

GoToMeeting is designed for online business meetings that can be launched from the desktop app, mobile app or via a computer browser. Anyone can join a meeting online without requiring a GoToMeeting account or registration, saying that the organiser does need to create the meeting and invite the other participants. 

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GoToMeeting  Discount Code

GoToMeeting is aimed at business owners rather than personal use. The solution can accommodate up to 2,500 participants, making it ideal for medium-sized conferences. GoToMeeting does offer different price points and solutions depending on how many users an organisation is looking to use.  

The GoToMeeting app allows for the face to face meetings, real-life presentations and collaboration in the cloud, the next best thing to an actual meetup in today’s post coronavirus world. GoToMeeting setup is easy as you are just a click or a few steps away from utilising all the key features such as call, chat, screen sharing and recording of all meetings.  

GoToMeeting one of the pioneers of cloud online conferencing is known for its crystal clear audio, video interface and overall strong reliability. Aside from standard video tools like screen share, dial-in conference lines and private meeting rooms, the GoToMeeting app provides meeting management features, such as an Admin Centre, Meeting Diagnostic Reports and Downloadable Admin Reports.  

The solution is also secure with industry standards like AES-256 bit encryption, SOC2 certified data centres and secure socket layer encryption. It is also HIPAA-compliant.  

Key integrations include Office 365, Slack, Salesforce and Google Calendars. As for the mobile support, GoToMeeting is accessible via the Android and iOS apps, a commuter-mode feature, Siri-integrated and allows for mobile phone cloud recordings. 

GoToMeeting is priced on a monthly price plan on the number of users, starting from $12 for 150 participants. 


Designed for online business meetings 

GoToMeeting is built for the demands of business meetings, which require crucial system reliability and intuitive tools than personal zoom meetings. Its HD video and near-perfect audio integrated into the cloud VoIP phone solution mean that you can run essential meetings smoothly. Participants can stay focused on crucial discussion points, instead of wasting any time troubleshooting a glitchy solution.  

Likewise, GoToMeeting allows for up to 2,500 participants, ideal for organisational meetings or even web conferences. The starter plan at 150 participants is also considerably more scalable than other video conferencing tools.  

Secure meeting platform 

Business meetings demand better security to protect confidential  data. On top of standard onlne security protocols such as 256-bit AES, TLS encryption and SOC2 Type II data centers, GoToMeeting is BSI C5-certified and TRUSTe-verified and complies to the tee with key security and privacy regulations like HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA. Likewise, the meeting room is lock-enabled and password-protected to keep out unauthorised participants. 

With the high-level security infrastructure in place, you can safely transmit data, share important files, record conversations and generally conduct meetings without worrying about system breach or cyber-attacks. 


The app features mobile tools, making it suited to on-the-go meetings. It has apps for Android and iOS for a native experience on your smartphone. You can also access it from a mobile browser if you don’t like downloading apps.  

The mobile apps support Siri for the convenience of iPhone users, and they allow mobile cloud recording as well. 

The same online security layer protects the organisations mobile infrastructure, allowing you to host or participate in meetings anywhere, anytime you are internet-connected. 

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