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Instapage Discount Code & Review

by on October 30, 2020 in Uncategorized

Instapage is a software package whose main focus is to help marketing managers and small business owners create well-designed landing pages.  Looking for just the Instapage Discount Code then click here

instapage discount code

Instapage offers organizations  

  • Drag-and-drop editor 
  • Integration with all the leading email and marketing tools like Marketo, and MailChimp 
  • In-depth landing page analytics  
  • Mobile-responsive pages 
  • Quickly publish landing pages 
  •  Clean user interface 
  • Customizable easy to use and well-designed templates 
  • Access to a professional stock image library  

Create a Landing Page 

When you initially login into your account, you’ll find a list of all the landing pages you have launched. When you are creating your first landing page you can use a template page, amp or use a file that your designer has sent to you. 

Instapage has over 500 templates where you can filter by these categories  

  • App download 
  • Asset download 
  • Business service inquiry 
  • Case study 
  • Competitor comparison 
  • Daily deals 
  • Demo request 
  • Ecourse registration 
  • Enrollment application 
  • Event registration 
  • Informational 
  • Product launch 
  • Product overview 
  • Product sales 
  • Schedule appointment 
  • Special promotion 
  • Thank you 
  • Travel booking 
  • Trial signup 
  • Up-sell or bonus 
  • Waitlist signup 
  • Webinar registration 

Instapage also has landing pages designed for  


Display Advertising  

Social media  

Lead Generation  


These categories are important, for instance, getting your message right for PPC will dramatically increase your conversion rates.  

Once you have picked a template that suits your call to action, you can then tailor the template with the Instapage editor. You can change the colours, fonts, images,buttons or size of the text. Instapage also offers a system to guide you when you are designing your landing page, helping you align all your elements effortlessly.  

Instapage will manage all the configurations behind the scenes to manage how your landing pages display on both desktop and mobile views.  


Instapage is using AI to help organisations improve the customer experience from first click to conversion using AI and content optimization  

Publishing Your Landing Page 

When you’re ready to publish your page, you have a few options. You can publish it to, custom domain, WordPress, Drupal , Facebook 

Additional Features 

Now let’s take a look at the bells and whistles. Instapage comes with a few additional features that help separate from the other software out there. Those include: 

  • Heatmaps – The heat maps analytics tool with help companies understand what prospects are doing on their landing pages the software will track mouse clicks, scrolling and which part of the landing page they spent most of their time on.  
  • A/B testing – The A/B functionality will allow organisations to test their ideas and call to actions and over time improve conversion rates.  


Instapage allows you to setup up conversions within the editor, you can set goals and integrate with Google Analytics, what makes instapage different is that you can send data both ways and you can export data to Google analytics which can help you measure the post click experience.  

You can measure conversions between organic and paid traffic  


Instapage comes with two pricing tiers. Business which is $199 a month and Enterprise  


  • Pixel Perfect editor, and a drag-and-drop editor that’s extremely easy and intuitive to use 
  • Content optimization for landing pages help increase PPC conversion rates. 
  • Easy integration 
  • Heatmaps 
  • Post Click  


  • Price. Instapage is expensive at $199 a month  
  • Advanced features only available with enterprise plan 
  • Instapage should have more analytics considering the pricing they charge. 

Final Thoughts  

Instapage is a fantastic option for those who need to put together quick, professional landing pages. The software delivers high quality pages in a simple-to-use format, making ideal for Marketing managers. If you are pushing different types of web traffic to your landing pages and you want to understand how you can increase conversions then you should be looking at instapage.  

Looking for just the Instapage Discount Code then click here

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