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Your Top Tips for Selecting the Best Provider of AV Equipment for Your Event

by on November 30, 2020 in Uncategorized

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The world has definitely changed in the past year, and businesses are finding new ways to connect with their clients, suppliers, each other, and their staff. The reality today is that online events have become a standard, but it doesn’t mean that your online event can’t be better than a face to face one – if you have the right help and support, that is. Whether you are planning to host an online event or a face to face event for a small gathering of people, the AV equipment you choose should be on par with your expectations. And for this, you would need the right provider. AV equipment can be tricky to deal with if you don’t have the expertise, more so if you are hosting an online or face to face event for the first time. But since there are many AV equipment providers out there, how do you know to choose the right one? Here are your top tips for selecting the best provider of AV equipment for your event.

Know what you require

Before you make a list of AV equipment providers to speak with, you should already know what you require for your event – or at least have an idea of the basics. You​don’t have to be well-versed in the technical terms or specific products you require, but you can at least find out the number of microphones you would need, the number of people you expect to attend, and the presentation style of your speakers. If your event is virtual, you need some extra equipment that you may not be thinking about if you are hosting a face to face event, such as a secure line with high-quality broadband and so on.

Determine their expertise – and commitment to your project

The service quality offered by the AV hire company is paramount, but you also have to think about whether they will be working for you – or better yet, working with you. They may be well-versed when it comes to technical ability, but will they really be able to give you exactly what you need? Keep in mind that some technicians and so-called specialists will just want to force you to use the best and biggest equipment they have without really thinking about whether or not it will be useful for your event. Don’t be afraid to talk to your prospective AV equipment provider and ask them what certain equipment is for and whether it is really necessary. A good provider will be open to your questions and will readily discuss your requirements; furthermore, they will give you pertinent advice and different options as well. 

Think about the access time

If you are hosting a small gathering or event in a physical venue, you have to think about the access time. Your AV team will definitely need time for setting up and testing equipment, and if your venue is larger than most, you need more equipment and hence, more time for setting up. When you book your event venue, make sure that you have the appropriate time to set up prior to the event as well as afterwards. Your AV provider needs to know how much time they have to set up because this can impact their pricing as well.

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