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How to Choose a Hosting Provider for Your Drupal Website

Choosing the best hosting provider for your Drupal website is more important than you think. The problem we often see with hosting companies is they might provide an appealing, low budget price point, but in return compromising important components for good hosting such as great performance and a high level of data protection and monitoring. We have put together some key factors to consider when choosing a hosting provider that will provide the best possible outcome for your Drupal website.

What is Drupal?

For those new to the platform, Drupal is an open-source content management system for websites with code written in PHP. Since Drupal only requires PHP and Mysql in order to function properly, there are thousands of options to choose from for a Drupal hosting provider. 

Drupal is also known for its power and ability to be highly scalable, making it the preferred choice for large and complex organizations. But Drupal is not just limited to larger organizations, many other businesses choose to use the platform because of its ability to allow users to easily manage content and flexibility in how content is presented (it now has over 42,000 free modules). 

While Drupal’s scalability and power make it a top choice for large organizations, its appeal extends beyond size, with many businesses opting for its user-friendly content management features and flexible content presentation options, as discussed in resources available from Debug Academy.

Below are a few reasons to consider Drupal:

-Mobile responsiveness

-Highly scalable (great for growing businesses)

-Ability to easily integrate new applications or functionalities 

-Excellent security features

-Flexible content structure

-Simple content editing features

-Drupal community support


Some factors that hosting will have an impact on when it comes to your Drupal Website include:

  • Performance
  • Security (including website data protection and user activity protection)
  • User Experience

Having a Drupal website that performs well and is secure is more important than you think. Both performance and security actually affects search engine rankings, with less secure and poor performing websites being ranked lower by search engines. Both performance and security also play a key role in user experience on a website. If a website loads slowly or can be viewed as unsecure, visitors will often leave, choosing a similar competitor with a website that offers better functionality and protects visitor activity. Additionally, security is extremely important when it comes to data protection. Website content often now contributes to key components of a business, so it is important to protect your Drupal website from any potential loss or theft of data.