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by on February 12, 2021 in Uncategorized

Forex Birds review

Forex Birds claims to be a safe, well-regulated and Best Forex broker with optimal trading conditions. The broker offers multiple financial products. But is it really what it claims to be? Let’s find out. 

The company offers products and services in multiple geographies. Their goal is to provide secure and safe Forex trading for small business investors. Forex Birds also accepts VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

Forex Birds’ competitive advantages include:

• Accurate prices

• Highly trained trading consultants

• 12-24 hours daily stock exchange market, tickers, news and financial charts

• Unlimited trade

• Strong value against the currency

To find out the truth about this company, we dug deep as much as we could. This was just as we thought; the building is nondescript. This was how Forex Birds advertised itself. We also did not get any personable interaction.

The most striking thing about Forex Birds is that it was advertising to the ‘Korean community.’ This is interesting, as Korean people are almost all crypto miners. They do not have a Forex market right now, and most of them don’t understand how Forex works. They expect to see something like Forex Birds that a company that they can use at the moment. It is indeed unlikely that you would see a company in Korea doing Forex as it stands.

Forex Birds claims to have support from prominent Cryptocurrency companies like Coinbase, OKCoin, and Yapizon. We still found these companies, but it doesn’t mean that it offers Forex. Many of their tokens like Visa, Sony, Nvidia, Visa, Amazon, and Bitcoin Cash were still actively trading even after 6:00 PM.

As we started approaching the premises, we saw a broker that people pay to have traded their currency.

Looking at the Forex Birds operations, it is shocking how ordinary a website they have.

They also have the usual loud, new games and slide shows. They want to appear as a big, trusted player. This is further confirmed by the huge advertisements and billboards that you see when you approach the premises. Client support was also surprisingly cheap.

The team seemed to be mostly middle-aged men. We found it surprising that they can be actively trading and trading at such a ‘fair’ price. In contrast, most of their trading platform was populated by people under the age of 40. We heard many stories of children going into ‘dangerous’ trades, which was why Forex Birds came into being.

We were, however, surprised when we saw how poorly the trading platform was developed. The transaction time for a market was slow, making it very difficult to make a profit. The system also did not have a degree in cybersecurity to protect its users. As a result, we found several vulnerabilities in the trading platform that made trading even riskier.


This company offered a unique product to the Korean community. In addition to this, they were advertising to the Crypto community. Yet, it turns out that Forex Birds is not a well-regulated and trustworthy broker. It had nothing to do with Forex, and everything to do with a bunch of inexperienced traders.

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