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Focus areas for the successful entrepreneur

by on March 25, 2021 in Lead Article, Uncategorized

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Have you just started your own company but are struggling to really get it going? It can be hard to spread the word about your newly started business beyond your circle of friends and family, and getting your business brandet sufficiently to get a strong business going takes great skills within digital marketing these days. Because of that, we have compiled a short list of great focus areas for the new entrepreneur who needs advice about how to run the business in an easy, cheap, and effective manner.

Three words that you need to know: Search Engine Optimization

In the process of familiarizing people with your brand, it is important to ease this process by making it easier for people to find you online. This is what seo can help you with. It helps you increase your opportunities of people finding your brand on Google by including strategic texts in your website. The texts need to include the buzzwords or keywords that people put into google when they are trying to find a product like yours. So for example if you are selling wine glasses, “wine” and “glass” will be two important keywords to include several times. This puts you higher in the list of companies trying to make the top of the Google list. Seo is still a highly important part of the online marketing of the 21. century so if you really want to spread the word about the start up, this is a good place to start. 

Social media are the way to move forward

Social media nowadays are a gift to the start up and making a move on you Facebook-, Instagram-, or Twitter site is essential for you to both promote yourself as a business but also connect with you potential buyer. An Instagram site with pretty, colorful pictures and relevant text and links is a really effective way of attracting new customers and increasing the traffic to your webshop. Be successful with some activities also include that you are willing to pay some money to the social media site as this will enable you to boost your posts so they will reach more people and you can pay for ads that will pop up on the Facebook page of your number one target group. This can cost a lot of money, so it is a good idea for you to make a budget of how much some money you have available. This will also allow you to calculate how much money it costs to take home each customer.

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