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6 ways you can use a webinar for business and education

by on June 24, 2021 in Business

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Though webinars have been around for a long time, the development in technology and the continuous rise of flexible and interesting multimedia experiences has cause the webinar to boom. If you are new to the world of the webinar, here are 6 ways that you can use it for business and educational purposes. 

  1. Continuing Education webinars 

Continuing education is education for adults who have left the education system, available in a variety of subjects both practical and academic. For example, a webinar could be used to provide short educational courses, or for you to impart your practical expertise. 

These schemes are usually taken in the effort to further ones’ career, or to reskill and upskill the workforce. Thus, continuing education webinars can be used for both business and educational purposes. 

  1. Employee training 

Training your employees can have a whole host of benefits on your business’s productivity, efficiency, and the value of the service you provide. 

There are three main types of workplace training: inductions for new employees, on-the-job training, and off-the-job training. For each of these training schemes there are numerous tasks that could be completed via a webinar, making the learning process more fun and interactive. 

  1. Schooling 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of schooling has been undertaken online over the past year. Though emergency remote teaching helped in a time of crisis, its succeeding online learning processes are here to stay

This is because online learning is more sustainable in the long run, whilst instructional activities are predicted to be provided as a hybrid learning model. Similar to the hybrid office model, hybrid learning allows a mix of in-person and remote teaching. 

Therefore, webinars can be used for everyday schooling, livestreaming classes, and broadcasting revision sessions. Using a  webinar platform for this task can allow you to monitor attendance, track engagement, and make this a fun and interactive learning process for your students. 

  1. Providing information

If you have changed any policies, protocols, or have another need to express vital information to a large number of employees or students, then this is another good time to use a webinar. 

Webinars can be streamed to however many attendees you need, allowing you to display a multimedia presentation with the necessary information you need to get across. If anyone misses your presentation, the webinar can be recorded and stored online for people to catch up. 

  1. Sales pitch 

Webinars are more commonly seen as a tool for making a sales pitch. Businesses will host a webinar event, which imparts teachable knowledge or expertise in the field, followed by a subtle plug of the product or service at hand. 

Thus, webinars can be an invaluable marketing tool, in addition to boosting brand awareness, and promoting your brand as the industry expert. 

  1. Product demonstration 

Another way in which a webinar can be used to advertise your business is through a product demonstration. Clients and customers are more likely to want a product that they have seen in action and can relate its use to their everyday lives. 

Overall, webinars can be used for an infinite number of purposes which suit both business and educational needs. In the age of remote working, live streams, and ground-breaking multimedia, the webinar will continue to be a firm choice.

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