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Tips to help you hire the best DUI lawyer

by on July 14, 2021 in Uncategorized


Over the years, many drivers are usually arrested just because they were driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or narcotics. Unfortunately, A DUI arrest can be a stressful experience because there are good chances that they can suspend your driver’s license or even face jail time. 

When you face DUI charges, it’s a good idea to keep your composure so that you can handle the situation correctly. One of the ways you can make the best of this situation is to hire a DUI attorney camp hill, Pennsylvania. This article explains some of the tips to help you hire the best DUI lawyer. 

Be honest about your situation

Every state has its DUI laws that state a driver is intoxicated if their blood-alcohol concentration is above a certain limit. Besides, your state can charge you for violation of more than one law. Even worse, you can also face some DMV penalties while also facing some criminal charges. The DUI lawyer can assist you with all these issues and plan the right way to deal with them.

Remember that you have the right to legal representation, so don’t try to represent yourself. There is always a steep learning curve when it comes to preparing for the trial. If you don’t have the knowledge and legal skills, there are good chances that you can lose the case in the courtroom. Judges are sometimes impatient with people who tend to represent themselves and they don’t know the court rules.

Consider carefully on public defenders

In most cases, any criminal defendant gets the right to legal representation. You may have been told at the time of your arrest that an attorney can be appointed to you if you can’t afford to secure an attorney. At this point, you know your rights unless you wave it off. 

The good thing is that public defenders don’t attract any fee to you. These attorneys also know the DUI laws applicable in a state and the usual defenses. They may also know the local prosecutors and judges well enough to understand their tendencies, which can be important when it comes to negotiating for a plea bargain. Aside from these, they have great trial experience considering that they handle many cases.

However, the problem is that public defenders usually have lots of cases. Therefore, you cannot get the level of attention that you deserve or want. You also don’t have any say in the public defender you want to represent you. Public defenders can also only represent you in a criminal case.

As if this is not enough, you cannot also get legal advice about DMV issues, such as keeping your license. On the other hand, a private DUI lawyer can assist you with both the administrative issues with the state department of motor vehicles and criminal case aspects. This is the reason why it’s important to consider your options carefully when choosing an attorney to represent you.

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