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What Are The Different Types Of Litigation Cases

by on July 13, 2021 in Uncategorized

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Litigation cases are categorized into different sectors to make it easy for law-associated officials to define a certain type of offense or crime and judge it accordingly. There are various types of litigation cases that are handled by different legal experts such as lawyers, litigators, attorneys, judges, etc. Profound knowledge of the legal cases must be acquired in case you fall under a lawsuit someday.

Crimes can be of numerous types. Sometimes, the crimes cannot be officially defined as a crime but a minor offense. In those cases, to avoid the time wastage of legal experts, the litigation cases have been divided. The outline suggests the importance of cases and who should be handling them. The various types of litigation cases are:

  1. Criminal Litigations

These kinds of cases are superior in nature, and the subject is held accountable for committing a crime against the government laws. These often include murders, corruption, and other serious crimes that need to be addressed at a serious bench. The Criminal cases are handled by criminal lawyers.

  1. Civil Litigations

A civil lawsuit is filed when a person is accused by another person of causing personal harm through accidents, mental anguish, thoughts, and actions, etc. Civil litigations can only be held between two or more individuals claiming to have been harmed by each other. This is no actual crime, but a settlement process is carried out following the legal methods.

  1. Commercial Litigations

Commercial lawsuits are filed between companies or businesses that are involved in some kind of deal. These can be of various types, but only concerning the field of business law. A commercial lawsuit is filed and handled by commercial litigation lawyers. Commercial cases can also be heard in arbitration courts or tribunals.

  1. Public Interest Litigations

These kinds of litigations are filed in order to safeguard a public community or values that are subjected to disrespect by the government or other public. Blasphemy and other racial or casteist cases come under this category. Public interest litigation is one of the most common lawsuits that sometimes also becomes a huge issue.

  1. Personal Injury Litigation

These types of cases can be filed when someone is claiming to be financially, physically, or mentally scammed by another person or organization. Medical malpractices, debt failures, mental trauma, etc., fall under this category of litigation. Harming or stealing intellectual property is also a part of personal injury. This can also be heard in civil courts because most cases involve two civilians as the plaintiff and defendant.

  1. Class Action Litigation

These types of litigations are spread over a wide geographical area that involves a lot of parties and attorneys. These dispositions are complicated but are made simpler by the use of live streamings, video witnesses, etc. These litigation are usually big chaotic cases with a number of loopholes to reach the criminal. Drugs and narcotics cases often come under class action litigation.

  1. Product Liability litigations

A part of commercial litigation, product liability is filed by a consumer on the manufacturer or seller claiming the product to be harmful or defective. This is a serious allegation on any company or organization as the product is the service provided by the company, and if that is defective, what else the company has to offer. 

  1. Environmental litigation

The environment needs to be protected at all causes, and this has become the motto of numerous nations and authorities. But why does the environment need protection? Because it is being subjected to crimes and destruction, which may lead to severe health and resource crises in the future. Any crimes against the environment, be it wildlife, nature, or biodiversity, are held under environmental litigations.

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