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eyeo launches Trestle, helping connect advertisers to over 225 million previously hard-to-reach users

The typical online user is constantly bombarded with thousands of online advertising messages daily, which is detrimental to advertisers as it has only led to several new types of online users – the first being the standard user who chooses not to use an ad blocker. As these users are familiar with viewing ads constantly, they eventually become ‘banner blind’ and no longer notice ads, no matter how flashy they are. The second type is the non-addressable users who dislike all forms of advertisement due to their invasiveness. They tend to block all ads, though they are more of a minority.  

The third type is the Acceptable Ads, ad-filtering user, who fill the spectrum in-between these two extremes. Acceptable Ads users are unique because they understand the important role advertisements play in keeping the internet open and free. While they don’t hate all ads, they yearn for a positive online experience without any interruptive or intrusive ads. Since eyeo’s inception, it has done a great job in identifying this segment of internet users, including a way for advertisers to reach them. eyeo recently introduced Trestle, the largest user-consented advertising platform on the free web that offers a sustainable and fair middle ground between user choice and monetization to benefit advertisers, publishers and users. 

Trestle works with the Acceptable Ads Standard, an established and transparent set of criteria for nonintrusive ads, shown to over 225 million global Acceptable Ads users. These standards are researched and defined by an independent committee that ensures an ad format is noninvasive and acceptable to users. In order to provide Acceptable Ads users with an improved all-round online experience, the committee takes into account ad size, placement, animation, the percentage of the in-view space covered by ads and more. 

By following these criteria, Trestle will help advertisers to create and deliver compliant campaigns to the users who are tired of being distracted by intrusive online ads. Furthermore, the test campaigns carried out on Trestle have produced extremely encouraging initial results so far.

Before the launch of Trestle, it was challenging for an advertiser to reach an Acceptable Ads user unless it was done so accidentally. However, advertisers can now use Trestle to reach out to a generally younger, educated, digital-first and tech-savvy audience who spend more time and money online than the typical internet user. While these users are shown fewer ads, they are more likely to ‘see’ or engage with the ads they do come across, delivering real value to publishers and online advertisers. Aditya Padhye, General Manager, Trestle at eyeodevelopers of the market-leading ad-filtering technology