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Who is the girl in the NatWest advert?

Who is the girl in the NatWest advert? NatWest advertises its latest Money Sense programme in a brand new advertising spot; the advertising agency was the partnership.

The Natwest advert called “This Is How We Do It” features a little girl who strolls through a parking lot of a supermarket, walking like a superstar after seeing the one pound coin left behind by her tired dad in a supermarket trolley. However, as she shows off her walking swagger, another kid (and not only him, whatsoever) gives her an envious look.

NatWest Advert – This Is How We Do It

Until she gets in the motor car, her dad, who it turns out hasn’t forgotten about the one pound coin, asks for the coin back.

“We want everyone to feel confident with money so we can all look after the pennies – that’s why at NatWest we do money lessons in all schools,” the voice-over artist says on the forty-second advert, which plays the 1995 single “This Is How We Do It” by M Jordan.

The ad, which aims to highlight that learning how to handle cash gives children a higher level of self-confidence, The advert was directed by The Bobbsey Twins at Blink Films; the advert has been showcased on social media, TV, and billboards.

The little girl is played by Tallulah Conabeare; she is based in London, she is a voice-over artist and actress and is the voice from Candy Cat in “Peppa Pig” from 2017 onwards. Tallulah has also filmed other child adverts such as Hilton Hotels with Anna Kendrick, as well as the retail company B&Q and F&F, and she did that advert with her brother, Wilbur.

Natwest Money Sense is giving free online resources to school teachers and parents. It has also included volunteers from Natwest bank who visit schools to support or run lessons, where they tackle topics like how to budget for a party, managing your spare pocket money, or making sure the kids’ are not victims of online fraud. So far, NatWest Money Sense has reached over 1 million UK children aged 5 to 18.

Who is the girl in the NatWest advert?

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