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Which bookmaker has the most betting shops in the UK?

by on September 27, 2021 in Uncategorized

Online gambling, casino, slots and sports betting operators have largely won the race with their traditional counterparts around the world, UK included. Punters prefer to bet mostly online and rarely visit the land-based locations to place a bet. This hasn’t affected high street bookmakers as much as expected, because many of them chose to expand to the Internet some time ago. Today, all the important brands are present online as well as locally, which provides them with superior access to a broad audience. If we are to look exclusively at bookmakers that have a strong presence in land-based locations across the UK, these three brands stand out from the crowd.


This bookmaker is widely regarded as one of the best in the UK and listed on all the latest slot websites and it has the most betting shops nationwide. They offer some of the best odds for horse racing and sportsbook, which makes them easy to recommend for prospective punters. The brand has a tradition that spans over half a century, as it was founded back in 1967. Fred and Peter Done envisioned this bookmaker more than five decades ago and since then it has expanded nationwide.

Those who choose to bet at Betfred can do it locally in one of the hundreds of betting shops or go over the Internet. There are no differences between the odds offered, so regardless of how they choose to proceed, they won’t be disappointed with the value. On the other hand, Internet betting has the advantage of making players eligible for bonuses and access to exclusive promotions. This remains one of the few bookmakers that never merged with another gambling group which is a rarity nowadays


Arguably the best-known UK bookmaker, this one has more than 3500 betting shops scattered nationwide. They also have a strong presence online, so they check all the important boxes and expand their customer base every year. The local presence in the United Kingdom is very important for this brand that still relies heavily on local players. In recent years, they did their best to expand the online fan base, by convincing locals to sign up for an online account.

The company was founded more than nearly 130 years ago, which makes it one of the oldest bookmakers. The fact that they are still standing after all these years is nothing short of impressive and helps them project an image of trustworthiness. They acquired the massive Coral Group and now go by the name of Ladbrokes Coral while being one of the biggest gambling groups in the world.

William Hill

With more than 2000 betting shops in the United Kingdom, William Hill is a force to be reckoned with among local bookmakers. Online, they are present in dozens of countries, with supported local languages and accepting many currencies. They also have a long and distinguished track record, accepting sports bets for nearly a century. Punters who choose to bet locally or over the Internet enjoying access to the same competitive odds and gamble in a secure environment.

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