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Budget Tyres: Why are they cheaper?

by on October 26, 2021 in Uncategorized

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While buying new tyres, many of us may have wondered why some tyres are expensive than others? The answer to this lies in the components with which tyres are made. Every tyre is made up of three major components; the tread, the compound (mix of chemicals with which tyres is made) and the carcass (that holds everything together). In order to get everything right, so that the final product is reliable and comfortable, big tyre companies like Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli spend millions in R&D and technology, almost every year.

Where premium tyre brands charge a higher price for their products based on behind-the-scenes cost, budget companies, on the other hand, charge less as their products are less sophisticated and are not a product of an extensive and costly R&D. However, that does not mean that budget tyres are not roadworthy. They are safe to use as all tyres in the UK, before selling, are thoroughly checked. This means that tyres are only allowed to be sold after they meet a certain safety standard. That is why in the UK, a greater percentage of motorists get budget tyres fitted to their cars than any other European country. Looking for a reliable online site to purchase budget tyres? Don’t worry; you can now easily buy cheap car tyres online at Dartford Tyres. Simply enter your reg no or tyre size and let them show you the best budget tyres for your vehicle!

Budget tyres are a perfect choice for motorists who travel less, are short on cash and yet are looking for good-quality tyres. Also, for an unforeseen tyre emergency, we all tend to keep a spare tyre. For such purposes, a budget tyre is a far better option than keeping a part-worn or re-tread tyre. At least you’d know it’s brand new and hasn’t suffered any damage that you know of.

While dynamic drivers who enjoy high-performance products would obviously benefit more from premium tyres, drivers who seldom drive in urban areas should invest in budget tyres. However, if you are still wondering which tyres will be suitable for you, get in touch with Dartford Tyres. They will educate you on safety and performance standards and will help in selecting the perfect fit for you based on your budget, driving style and area in which you live. 

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