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How to Improve Your DIY Skills

by on October 13, 2021 in Uncategorized

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Too many people in today’s society are fearful of DIY. They feel they don’t have the skills to make home improvements on their own, and that if they tried to do them they’d simply damage their home. But the truth is that these practical skills can be learned by anyone – and perfected on the job, when you’re making real improvements on your home. This handy guide will map out what you’ll need to do to get more skilful, and more confident, in your DIY endeavours.

Handy Tools

Knowing your way around a hammer, a wrench and a drill is one of the key requisites for getting good at DIY. You’ll need to invest in a handful of key tools from the get-go if you have ambitions to get better at DIY. You can look online for lists of tools you might need for a certain job that you have in mind. Equally, you can always ask around your group chats to see if there’s anyone willing to lend you some tools for the duration of your project. 

Once you’ve got the tools, it’s time to practice with them. You should see this as similar to sports training: you just need to repeat certain movements, and test how the tool acts when it’s in your hand. To practice things like drilling, hammering and sanding, find some scrap wood to use which you’re happy to throw away after your practice, rather than going straight for the surfaces in your home. 

Setting Up

Now you’re starting to get used to how tools work, it’s time to start setting up your renovation project. Here, it’s wise to start with the smallest tasks first – the simple ones you feel confident performing – before going in for the larger and more ambitious projects. Often, this’ll mean taking a hammer and a nail to a wall to hang up a picture or a set of shelves. 

If you’re unsure of exactly how to perform these tasks, a short YouTube tutorial can be perfect. It’ll show you the motion you’ll need to perform, and how you can check your work to see if you’ve achieved what you’ve set out to do. 

Stocking Up

As you get more confident and adept at DIY, you’ll want to start getting your own tools and your own high-quality materials online. There’s no better one-stop shop that Tradefix Direct for all your DIY needs – a store turned to by DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople alike. Pick up a bulk order in order to be well prepared for future renovation endeavours. 

If you’re unsure what you should prioritise as you’re buying equipment and materials, take a think about all the issues in your home you’d like to fix. Are you tired of your squeaky door handles, or the creaking floorboard on the stairs? Is there a cupboard you’ve been yearning to replace? Making a list of jobs and getting the right materials to address them will set you off on your next few DIY projects, helping you gain even more experience and confidence. 

There you have it: a simple way to boost your DIY skills and to start making wonderful changes to your home.

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