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A Closer Look at University of Phoenix

Although relatively commonplace today, the idea of a college that caters specifically to adult students was revolutionary when University of Phoenix was founded 45 years ago.

In 1976, Dr John Sperling started University of Phoenix to provide adults with more options to achieve higher learning. This educator and entrepreneur understood the economy on a deeper level and quickly recognized that it favoured those with the advanced training and skills achieved at a university.

While the university may look different today than in the 1970s, its core beliefs remain the same: help adult learners achieve their higher learning goals through flexible, supportive, quality degree programs that fit into their busy lifestyles. The university accomplishes this by combining academic principles with real-world training that encourages adults to learn by doing.

Foundational Attributes of University of Phoenix

Firmly dedicated to helping adult students succeed in the postsecondary educational environment, the University of Phoenix was created for students who have commitments beyond their classes. Those who work full time or care for their family will find that they can create a schedule that works for them. This helps to create a no cramming environment according to best essay writing services.

The University has a unique focus on helping adults earn an education that could also make a professional impact along with flexible scheduling options that busy students of all ages quickly grew to appreciate.  

Anyone with a healthy amount of self-discipline and dedication can work toward a college degree at a pace that they can handle alongside other commitments at University of Phoenix.

University of Phoenix Online Learning Model

Creating the first online courses in the late 1980s, the University of Phoenix was one of the pioneers of online education. Ideal for highly motivated students who work well independently, online or distance learning changed the face of education long before COVID-19 spread across the globe in 2020. Those who were unconvinced about the need and viability of online learning certainly saw its value during times of strict social distancing restrictions brought on by the pandemic. 

Online courses are easy to access from anywhere at any time. University of Phoenix instructors use a dedicated online portal to post lessons at established times along with deadlines for all assignments. The 24/7/365 platform enables students to review lessons and work on assignments at their convenience, leaving time to balance work, family and other important concerns. Students can take one course at a time, and new classes in a degree program typically begin every 5 to 6 weeks.

Diverse Program Offerings at University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix offers over 100 programs. It administers college degrees at the associate, bachelor, master and doctoral levels and features more than 40 specialized certificates in areas ranging from education to healthcare.The University also helps working professionals stay up to date and expand their skills through a diverse roster of continuing education and professional development courses.

University of Phoenix provides as many as 20 opportunities each year to begin working on a bachelor’s degree program and up to 18 opportunities to enroll in a master’s degree program. More than 4 out of 5 University of Phoenix graduates say that their chosen program resulted in vital knowledge and skills that they could immediately use on their career path.

The Cost of a University of Phoenix Education

To make its academic programs more affordable and accessible, the University offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities.

In fact, the financial advisors at University of Phoenix can help students determine the most viable way to pay for their courses and resource fees. Students who are actively working may benefit from the University’s network of tuition assistance alliances with businesses across America. 

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is dedicated to providing flexible education options for adult learners. The University was an early adopter of the online learning model and remains one of the largest online universities in the United States. The University’s unrelenting focus on professional excellence, context-driven education and access to the tools and resources needed to thrive in professional settings help redefine what it means to obtain a certificate or higher education degree. For more information, visit