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Boost Your Organic Search Rankings With These SEO Hacks

Organic Search Rankings With These SEO Hacks

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Boost Your Organic Search Rankings With These SEO Hacks

A quick web search will offer up a lot of SEO advice. Maybe you already know the basics and feel ready to try some new tactics that can take your rankings to the next level. Hopefully, you already know about keyword research and measuring the results of your efforts using a marketing ROI calculator.

If you have implemented the fundamentals of SEO, you can now take steps to refine your efforts and enhance your results. In this post, you will learn about a variety of SEO hacks that can help your website move up the rankings.

Link Analysis for Competitor Websites

This is a great place to start if you are looking to build on existing SEO efforts. When you know what types of content your competitors are getting backlinks for, you can discover good opportunities to get backlinks to your own website. This just involves making a list of competing websites, performing link analysis and then looking through the results to see where the opportunities are. As an example, you might see a type of content that gets a lot of quality backlinks. You might also see that they have had success by guest posting on certain sites.  

Find Partners for Co-Marketing

Co-marketing is a practice that involves two brands working together on a campaign. It is beneficial to the two brands because they can share the costs of the campaign while also expanding their reach by sharing the promotion among the two audiences. You obviously would not want to co-market with a direct competitor, but if you could find a brand that is in a related industry or one that has an audience with a shared interest, this strategy can work well as both brands mutually drive traffic to the website of the other.

Help Your Underperforming Content

If your site is like most others, you probably get the majority of your traffic from a small percentage of your pages. After that, you have a bunch of content that ranks low and sees little action. If you want to see quick results, you should use tools like Google Search Console to identify the pages that are sitting on pages two or three for the search results and then find ways to improve them. Updating the content could be an answer, but you could also use targeted internal links to increase the relevance of these pages in the context of your website.

Create Assets That Attract Links

You probably already know that backlinks are one of the most important factors for increasing search rankings. The only problem is that it is really difficult to get them organically. With that said, there are certain types of online assets that can be like magnets for backlinks. If you create assets that offer value, other websites will want to use them and link back to your site. Some examples of these assets include infographics, case studies, checklists, tutorials and survey results according to Bear Fox Marketing

Answer the Right Questions

Your target audience probably has questions they need to be answered. By identifying and answering these questions, you can create valuable content that people will want to visit. One way to find these questions is to go to sites like Quora and Reddit to see what people are talking about and the questions they are asking. Use the search function on the site to find communities interested in products like yours and look for the questions they are asking. You can then use those questions as ideas for content on your site another option is to bring in an expert for website copywriting services.

Consolidate Competing Content

Many websites will have two or more pieces of content that cover the same topic. You might look and see one that is ranked fourth on page one of the results and a second that is buried back on the third page. Instead of having these two competing pieces of content on your site, consolidate the information into one page and update the new content to the URL with the higher rank. You can then redirect from the lower ranking page to the higher ranking address. This simple step could move the new page up a spot or two in the rankings. By doing this, the one page with a better rank is likely to attract more traffic than the two pages you had before. 

With the tips in this list, you have a range of SEO tactics that can be deployed by almost any website. What makes these tips even better is that they are relatively simple and they do not require a massive budget to pull off.

Organic Search Rankings With These SEO Hacks.