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John Lewis Christmas TV advert 2021

John Lewis has released their 2021 Christmas TV advert two weeks earlier than John Lewis normally does.
John Lewis is hoping to give people a warm, fuzzy feeling of Christmas, this year the TV advert is an out of this world experience as a space traveller visiting earth for the first time, Skye the alien befriends Nathan and is shown the magic and traditions of Christmas.

This TV advert is great to watch after so many people missed out on the festive traditions last year when the UK was under another lockdown. After Skye’s spaceship crashes into the forest Skye is found by teenager Nathan and the TV advert shows the discovery of the Christmas season through the eyes of someone experiencing Christmas for the first time.

From eating mince pies to wearing Christmas sweaters, Skye is seen enjoying multiple Christmas traditions.
In the TV advert, Skye is seen putting fairy lights on a Christmas tree, giving of Christmas gifts and watching movies with friends and families.

This year’s TV advert follows John Lewis high standards for Christmas TV adverts. This advert has pulled out all the stops both in terms of production and heart. The two-minute film, titled “Unexpected Guest” is reportedly cost over £800,000. This cost is thought to include all the actors and staff and special effects.

John Lewis will most probably spend over five million on buying prime time space to show this advert.