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Five things to consider when creating a wedding venue to hire out

by on November 19, 2021 in Advertising

wedding venue hire

The wedding industry is a very lucrative one to be in but often requires significant investment to succeed – especially when it comes to venues.

Wedding venues are a necessity for every wedding. Whether they are inside or outside without the venue, the wedding cannot go ahead. With the average wedding venue costing between £4000 and £6000, ensuring that you do everything you can to create the perfect venue for customers is vital. 

We’re here to take you through our top 5 things to consider when creating a wedding venue to hire out.

  1. Location 

If you are taking over an existing venue space then your location is already decided. However, if you are building a venue from scratch there is much to consider.

First ask yourself: what is the backdrop to my perfect wedding venue? Is it the beautiful countryside or in a busy city centre which may have a completely different atmosphere?

Decide what kind of venue you think has the most chance at being successful, then begin finding your perfect plot of land.

  1. Décor

Your venue’s décor is another area that needs to be immaculate so that your customers can envision what their big day will look like which will in turn, help them to decide to use your venue. 

There is much to consider when it comes to transforming your wedding space into something visually stunning. What lights will you opt for? Will there be plants? Or what colour tones will you use?

  1. Catering and reception facilities 

The next matter that you will need to consider is whether your venue will be solely for receptions or if you would like to hold catering capabilities too. 

Catering is another great option for increasing your revenue but only if you have the funds available to add it to your venue.

  1. Safety

The last thing you need when your new venue opens is to be put under pressure to meet safety regulations for issues such as fire exits and first-aid points.

While you may know where these areas will be, ensure that any guests who visit the venue also know. To do this, make sure that your venue has the relevant safety signs visible so your customers know where to go in the event of a fire for example. 

  1. Licences 

There are two important licenses that must be obtained, firstly for the ability to hold civil marriages and partnerships and secondly to serve alcohol at your venue. 

Once you have obtained your approval of premises for civil marriage and civil partnership license, it will be valid for a minimum of 3 years. Should your venue not comply with the government’s requirements, you may lose your grant of approval and will no longer be able to operate. 

As for the second license, a lot of weddings involve alcohol and that can be very profitable for your venue. However, to serve that alcohol, you must ensure that you have a license to do so. Obtain this and do not run the risk of penalties down the line. 

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