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3 Trending Dating Apps for Older People

3 Trending Dating Apps for Older People

Dating apps no longer represent a fad. More and more people turn to dating websites in order to find their soulmates. The truth is love is harder and harder to find because people are just too busy. Furthermore, the older you get, the higher the chances to be alone are. Kinds and teenagers socialize in a more efficient manner, but things are completely different for older adults.

More than three in four people are actually looking for long term relationships when seeking love online. The percentage is even higher when it comes to older people. Whether you are 50 or 65, chances are you are no longer looking for hookups now. Instead, you want something serious. While there are lots of generic websites you can try, there are plenty of websites specialized in those over 50 as well.


OurTime has been created for those in their 50s or even older. The dating app is mostly aimed at singles who want serious relationships, yet casual dating is just as common. Profiles are well detailed, easy to find, discover and match.

The app relies on the famous swiping mechanism. Practically, potential matches come to you one after another. You can swap in one direction for alike and the other direction for a dislike – it will not pop up again in your matches.

The app is able to find matches for you, but you can also use the detailed search function for a deeper discovery. The app tracks who you have liked and communicated with in the past, so you will not run into the same person again if you are not happy with the match.

Finally, you can upload audio and video files to your profile. There is no such thing as a personality test though, so matches are based on common preferences.


Lumen is less known than other apps – especially when compared to generic giants who everyone has heard of. But this could actually work in your favor. A less popular website is less likely to be attacked by bots or spammers, which often create fake profiles.

Lumen is only available through a mobile application. It does not have its own website. It does not have the classic swiping function either – a modern function copied from a different app. It is no issue though – you can check the discover section and find plenty of older singles.

Find out who likes your pictures or profile and get notified as soon as you get a message. Lumen is exclusively designed for those over 50, so there is no room for models, spambots or false profiles. The search function is pretty detailed too.

Most importantly, profiles are mostly completed – people tend to answer most of the questions, so you will get a fairly good idea about someone in particular before messaging them.


Just like Lumen, SilverSingles is exclusively designed for singles older than 50. The website is friendly, intuitive and easy to use – even by someone without an online dating experience whatsoever. It also has its own mobile app, which provides access to instant push notifications – excellent news for those on the go.

SilverSingles will take you through a personality test in the beginning. Take your time to answer each question in an honest manner because many of your matches will be based on this personality test. As for compatible matches, you will usually get more than five of them on a daily basis. Thanks to these useful features, SilverSingles is categorized as one of the best dating apps for older people.

Not sure what you are after? Go through the search filters and sort results based on your preferences. Flirt, update your profile straight away or message people with no issues at all. There is no experience required and the offer is quite fine.

Last, but not least, since older people tend to struggle with technology, the website is intuitive and anything you may need is easy to find in the top menu.


As a short final conclusion, you could always try your luck on generic websites – why not? However, older people are usually overtaken by the younger generation on such websites. Luckily, there are dating apps and sites out there that were specifically designed for older individuals. No matter what you are after, love is just behind a screen.