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by on December 6, 2021 in Advertising, Business

Almost every business now has an Instagram account which points to one thing- Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. But are you using it correctly? Are you maximizing the platform, or could you be doing more? We show you how several businesses have mastered the art of generating leads from Instagram by directing them to their websites. After all, what better way to sell people on your idea than showing them where the magic happens? Let’s see how you can also hack this strategy:


Get a Following

Before people even start clicking on your website, they will want to know who you are. Who are you? What are you selling? Most importantly, who else trusts you? Instagram followings are often equated to trustworthiness. Businesses with a large following are thought to be stable, while those with small numbers are not as trusted. Can you fix this? Of course! You can buy real IG followers who can interact with your content. Anyone who stops by your page will think that you have something going on for you and will be more likely to click on a website link. See how that works? 

Optimize Your Bio

So, now that you have bought enough followers to get your audience interested in what you have to offer, what next? You must be clear about what you provide. For example, if you sell shoes, write this on your bio. Make it short, fun, and straight to the point. Then add a website link where people can check out more of your shoes. It’s easy, and it makes a whole lot of difference in whether people scroll through your account. Besides, if someone must go through your page to figure out what you do, you’ve already lost them.

Use Calls to Action

Let’s use the shoe business again. Suppose you have already posted images showing off the shoes and detailing what makes them so unique. What next? What should a follower or passerby feel prompted to do on viewing the image? You must include calls to action in your images. It’s as simple as writing something like this: 

Click on the link in our bio to order these shoes now

See how everything seems to mesh together? That’s why you need to optimize your bio before even posting anything. Always include calls to action in your captions to get more traffic to your website.

Embed URLs in Videos

Are you using Instagram videos to their full potential? You could be sleeping on something that could generate more traffic. Here’s something you might not know about Instagram marketing- videos have much more influence, more so when it comes to website traffic. Why? They engage the viewers in two ways- sound and sight. So, it’s much easier to convince someone to purchase a product this way. But without a URL to your website, all the work in your video could go to waste. Here’s what you can do. Have the URL showing at some section in the video. It could be at the bottom or top of the screen or even at the end of the video. Then when viewers have enjoyed the content, they can know where to head next to purchase the merchandise.

Use Instagram Ads

Have you used Instagram ads in the past? While you can use them to drive more visitors to your page, you can also direct people to your website. They are ideal for marketing as they allow you to dictate your target audience. You can base the demographics on interests, age, gender, and even location. So, if you know who you think could buy into your brand, then you will know how to get their attention. The best part is that the ad sends them directly to the website. All you need is to use an engaging image or video to get them to click on that link.

Engage an Influencer

Can an online brand survive without using an influencer? An influencer is a person who has garnered trust among their followers. People trust them to guide them to the best products and services in the market. For example, you would look for an influencer who shows a keen interest in shoes to market shoes. You can pay them by giving them shoes or even in monetary terms. They can then review the shoes and talk about what they like about them. In doing so, they can directly send people to your page or website. Make sure that your choice of influencer can connect with your target audience to ensure you get maximum returns on your investment. 

Tag Products

Instagram shopping is another tool you cannot afford to ignore as you venture into Instagram marketing. So, how does it work? It allows you to convert your feed into a store by creating shoppable posts. If someone clicks on a product, they can see how much it costs, and if they like what they see, they can click again to go to the website. That enables followers to cut back on time navigating your website because they can view the items on your Instagram account. 

Link Your Stories

Stories are another easy way to get people to view items on your website. Have you come across the ‘swipe up’ or ‘see more’ prompts on people’s stories? Here’s how they work. You engage your viewers with information about a product. Maybe you can talk about it, post a video about it, or even post an image showing its features. Once you have caught their attention, you then include a ‘swipe up’ prompt in the story. Anyone who wants to know more about the item will then use the prompt and land on your website. The only way this works is if you engage your audience enough to generate interest in the product. 

Use Your Highlights

What do followers see on your highlights? Rather than having generic posts, why not highlight all the posts that can drive traffic to your website? Keeping them up and visible will ensure that you continuously generate leads.

Have you been using any of these strategies? Incorporate some or all of these and track the traffic to your website. You’ll be shocked at how effective these strategies can be!


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