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The effects of User Generated Content on the SEO

by on December 6, 2021 in Advertising, Business, Digital Marketing

What has been the best content you have created so far? We can agree that some written materials work better than others in terms of traffic or conversions. But, what many businesses ignore is that the best content doesn’t come internally. In fact, users create the best content right now. Is the new word of mouth

The User Generated Content, aka Customer Generated Content, or UGC can be defined as any kind of content created by and for users about a brand. Followers, supporters, customers…we are all in. Power to the people. Yay!

Content can be published in different formats such as, posts on a blog, photos, videos, testimonials, tweets, product reviews, etc…

The truth is this isn’t new, it was around 2005 when these kind of content started to exist, but it wasn’t until recently when the brands would take in consideration to integrate it strategically as part of their marketing campaigns.

Nevertheless, experts in on-line marketing recommend the use of User Generated Content as a complement and support of a content strategy

In fact, we are going to talk today about the benefits of these contents from the point of view of an online review platform, such as Revi- now Google (Product Rating) Partner

Benefits of the User Generated Content  

Polls have indicated that consumers that interact with these kind of content are 97% prone to purchase. 

The integration of user content (in any format) in digital marketing actions are a valued option for brands and organisations for different reasons:

  • Reviews and testimonies from users about a product have a bigger impact and credibility tan any other message launched by a company.
  • This type of content doesn’t need any previous planning, or investment. It’s genuine and has no cost.
  • It allows to connect easily with the public.
  • Boost engagement with the users.
  • Possibility of creating a community of Brand Ambassadors base don this type of content
  • The content itself has a great value for other customers.
  • User Generated Content increases fidelization.

This is how Revi makes it works:

  • Rich Snippets Google: The famous Google Star Rating System is shown when somebody is searching for a product from your online store. 
  • SEO Reviews: The reviews are posted on your webpage. This means, constantly updated, and original content to your website; which ranks better on Google.
  • SEO Plus: Reviews remain in your own website. It translates into more and more updated content, and better SEO for Google.
  • Product Reviews: Shows customer product reviews in a strategic place. It increases conversion, SEO, and encourages the buying decision. 
  • Follow link: Revi automatically generates a direct link to your webpage. It’s a follow link: one of the Google’s favorite strategies to improve your SEO.

Types of User Generated Content that affect your SEO

  1. Case study
  2. Blog post
  3. Social Media content
  4. Reviews
  5. Q&A
  6. Video content

How review generated content impact the SEO on your e-commerce? 

Content has always an effect on SEO. Increasingly, search engines are even more focussed on web ranking in order to respond to search targets. Keeping this in mind, is it posible to have a different impact on the SEO using user generated content? The answer is, YES!

SEO is content. Generating excelent content is a key factor for your SEO positioning against your competitors.

There are many technical aspects envolving the SEO, but the focus goes around the creation, optimization, or accesibility to the content itself. Regarding on-line reviews, we know that users value opinions more tan star ratings. An study conducted by Fan and Fuel found that 73% of users prefer a written review vs. a simple rating.

Revi, is one of the best optimized SEO platforms, and budget-friendly: without contracts, or additional fees like our competitors. Founded from the ground up over the past 8 years with the intention of creating a better user experience by creating a new SEO strategy based on content.

These content created by users have keywords that Google uses for positioning purposes on your website. The following image has highlighted words that contribute to Google’s favourite keywords in order to position your webpage.

Turn the negative into positive

There’s one thing users are learning about reviews, and it is in fact that a perfect rating score of 5 stars does mean two things (most likely): 1) the product has no reviews, or 2) the owners or employees are generating fake reviews.

Furthermore, getting a negative review, or not as positive as you hoped is not a bad thing for your brand, but a chance to understand better your clients, and improve potencial flaws in your business; and even more so, potentially an opportunity to build customer loyalty.

Certainly, a no response, is not a solution for those negative reviews. It’s key to answer in a profesional manner and solve any issues. It showcases your professionalism and problema solving skills.

Ignoring a negative review might look like we don’t care about our client’s opinions. Avoidance, and silence are two fine lines to break trust, something that can cost loss in your reputation as a brand.

Another reason to take reviews seriously is Google. Yes, the giant on the world wide web takes in consideration the given answers to users in order to position your website in Google My Business.

Solving issues in a profesional manner, and being close to your clients concerns will most likely bring other customers. It’s content, it’s SEO.

Start taking advantage of the UGC to build up your SEO!

Macarena Dolz

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