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Tips to create Amazing Business Intro Videos in Minutes

Business Intro Videos Tips

Videos have created a significant impact on marketing. Video marketing is growing at a breakneck pace than any other marketing method. Videos help present new ideas and features to customers, and it looks more professional than traditional marketing tactics. Intro videos can significantly impact your brand recognition and unique ideas.

What is an Intro video?

An intro video is a short marketing video telling about a company’s product or services. A good intro video should be compact, crisp, and straight to the point so that the customer instantly understands it. Besides, it complements the brand or company’s goal to inform the customers about the products or service. 

You can create some fantastic intro videos for your brand using the Intro maker application. Most websites use intro videos to tell their customers about their products on their website homepages to draw customers’ attention to the video.

Before making an intro video for your brand, you should plan the video script, your targeted audience, and an influencer with a positive attitude for presenting the video according to your product choice. However, the first focus should always be on the benefits of customers. 

Tips for creating an intro video for your business:-

You can create amazing videos by focussing on various concepts like unique thinking, relatable content, video title, and video thumbnail.

Show the Intent in the video

The purpose of an intro video is to impress the visitors of your website. This could be an opportunity to show the team members publicly or how the company works. Moreover, you can feature your teammates to explain some topics related to your business. Brands mainly use intro videos to announce new features or updates. However, one of the downsides of intro videos is that they focus more on developing a business rather than on their customers. So, play nice and focus more on customers. 

Keep the tone right:

Intro videos are the best way to set the brand tone, and a straightforward way to do this is by interacting with the community. Interactions can be done by answering the frequently asked questions of that particular industry. Make sure to pick the questions relevant to the business or services you are offering. This will help you set the tone right in front of the potential customers. 

Script matters: 

Once you have the F.A.Q.s of your industry, it’s time to answer them briefly. On the storyboard, make a bullet point list of topics you will discuss in your video. 

Make sure to include the introduction at the beginning. And don’t forget to put a call of action at the end of the video. 

Keep it short and impactful:

The ability to say more in fewer words comes in handy while creating marketing videos. Neither the viewers have the time of the whole day, nor its practical to create lengthy business videos. Besides, the marketing experts believe in the motto of K.I.S.S., that is, keep it straight and simple. So, if you want to grab the customer’s attention, use attention-grabbing thumbnails while keeping the video length short. Moreover, videos with a funny or emotional touch tend to better retain the audience. Try to keep the size of the video not more than 2 minutes, and the script shouldn’t be more than 400 words. 

Call to action is essential: 

As mentioned before, a good script must contain a call to action. To simply put, a video without a call to action is a video without purpose. Suppose you are not telling your audience what to do in the end. There is no reason for users to stick around with your business. However, being too pushy and using direct selling phrases such as “Shop now” or “Call us now” can affect your brand negatively. Instead, tell them to watch another video or offer them something in their mailbox, or you can also redirect the viewers to the landing page of your website at the end of the video. 

  • It will be easier to get leads and prospects if you do not pressure your viewers from the start to buy. Besides, you would 
  • Also, make sure the call to action message is not too complex. Put it at the very end of the video, and reinforce it with an overlay of text that you are saying. 

Focus on quality rather than quantity: 

While quality is a must for any marketing video, it holds a special place in the intro videos. Intro videos are short and don’t have much time to leave an impression on the audience. The human mind is quite susceptible to poor-quality videos that are highly likely to make a negative impression. 

Making an intro video is not a one-person job; you would at least need a writer, director, videographer, and video editor. Besides, you would also need gears for the shooting. Here are the minimum requirements for shooting an intro video. 

  • Camera: Nowadays, cameras are no more a limiting factor in producing good quality videos. From iPhones to go pro, there are plenty of inexpensive options. Just make sure the device can shoot a full HD 1080p video, and you are ready to shoot. 
  • Camera gears: Keeping the camera steady unless you want to take a moving shot is essential. So, use either a tripod or a gimbal. If you can get a gimbal for moving shots, it will help you capture super smooth images. 
  • Lighting: Lighting plays a significant role in setting viewers’ perceptions. Unless you are shooting outside, make sure to get enough lighting. 
  • Editing: Once you are all done with the shooting, it’s time to sit with the editor. This can also be done with an intro maker tool, and there is plenty of it available on the Internet. 

Offer value: 

Don’t waste your minutes in intro videos to tell about yourself; let your content do the talking. Instead, tell your audience why you are valuable to them. If the viewers are impressed with the video, they will follow the call to action. A customer is more likely to associate with a brand if they get something valuable for their time or money, so offer value to your customers. 

Alternatively, you can also ask questions that tell the audience how it could be beneficial to get in touch with your brand or business. 

Promote it wisely: 

The Internet is a vast place, and you must choose wisely where to put your intro videos. Going by the current trends, intro videos perform better on Instagram and YouTube. You can also put them in a prominent place on your website. You can set the intro video as your youtube channel trailer. This way, everyone visiting your channel, whether a subscriber or not, first sees the intro video. 


Intro videos must be attractive from the start to grab the attention of the viewers. If your intro videos fail in the starting few seconds, it’s highly unlikely they will get any attention after that. To grab and retain the attention, the viewers should be given a reason to watch the video till the end or stay on the website. 

Create your intro videos around the audience and what they need instead of what you sell. While the video must have a call to action, keeping it simple instead of pushy is also important.