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Brits can become the boss in less than two hours

Many UK citizens want to pursue their ambition of owning a UK business, yet few people take action to make their dream a reality because they think starting a business is too expensive. But according to new research from the personal finance experts at, People in the UK  can afford to start a business in under two hours. sought to discover how long employees in European countries would need to work in their full-time job to afford the startup costs of setting up their own businesses.

RankCountryCost of starting business Required working time to start own business 
1.United Kingdom£11.681 Hour 21 minutes 
2.Denmark£75.156 Hours 6 minutes
3.Republic of Ireland£100.331 Day 1 hour 47 minutes
4.Romania£25.791 Day 7 hours 3 minutes 
5.Sweden£191.452 Days, 1 Hour and 41 Minutes
6.Lithuania£61.782 Days 1 hour 54 minutes 
7.Finland£273.602 Days, 6 hours and 26 minutes
8.France£217.923 Days 4 mins 
9.Estonia£120.953 Days 2 hours 18 minutes 
10.Czech Republic £109.213 Days 3 hours 14 minutes
11.Norway£522.183 Days, 4 hours and 56 minutes
12.Iceland£726.224 Days 5 hours 20 minutes
13.Slovakia£135.085 Days 1 hour 27 minutes 
14.Montenegro£75.916 Days 2 hours 13 minutes
15.Kosovo£41.716 Days 2 hours 22 minutes
16.Portugal£241.906 Days 7 hours 50 minutes
17.Germany£542.201 Week 1 hour 28 minutes 
18.Bulgaria£120.591 Week, 2 hours and 49 minutes
19.Greece£216.881 Week 5 hours 38 minutes
20.Serbia£81.101 Week 5 hours 43 minutes
21.Latvia£204.391 Week 6 hours 15 minutes 
22.Turkey£75.821 Week 6 hours 30 minutes 
23.Switzerland£1,044.531 Week 7 hours 7 minutes
24.Luxembourg £922.891 Week 7 hours 16 minutes 
25.Spain£509.641 Week 4 days 7 hours 11 minutes 
26.Poland£247.582 Weeks, 5 hours and 54 minutes
27.North Macedonia£136.543 Weeks 4 hours 58 minutes
28.Netherlands£1,501.483 Weeks 3 days 1 hour 45 minutes 
29.Austria£1,696.673 Weeks 4 days 7 hours 16 minutes
30.Hungary£422.024 Weeks 2 hours 21 minutes 
31.Belgium£1,788.974 Weeks, 1 day, 3 hours and 33 minutes
32.Cyprus£1,263.744 Weeks 3 days 4 hours 36 minutes
33.Croatia£625.624 Weeks 4 days 5 hours 31 minutes 
34.Albania£422.4611 Weeks 3 days 7 hours 52 minutes 
35.Italy£3,288.1311 weeks 4 days 5 hours 42 minutes 

Brits would need to work for just 1 hour and 21 minutes to earn the (£11.68) required to start up their own business. 

In the second position is Denmark, as Danes would need to work for 6 hours and 6 minutes to cover the startup costs needed to set up their own enterprise. 

The Republic of Ireland is in third place. 1 day, 1 hour and 47 minutes is the time the Irish would need to work to have enough income to fund the startup costs required for their independent business venture.