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Buying a new car: the main mistakes

Choosing a car is a complex process, the main task of which is not to overpay thousands of dollars for a car or buy a car that you do not like.

Buying a new car is not always associated with pleasant memories. First of all, this applies to motorists who, when choosing a car, missed very important points and now want to quickly get rid of their iron horse.

Check out some of the most common mistakes new car buyers make.

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Short sightedness

When you are wondering about the Ferrari price in Dubai in the rental company, then most likely you want to rent a Ferrari and drive it around Dubai, taking advantage of all the benefits of a rental service that offers a wide range of services and first-class cars.

Before buying a car, you need to know the answer to the question: “Why do I need a car?” Driving a car “for other purposes” causes a lot of inconvenience to the owner. In addition, improper use of equipment can lead to its rapid wear.

Buying a car without a prior “test drive”

It is very important that the person who will drive the car ride it during the “test drive“. It should not be less than 30 minutes. Here it is necessary to pay attention to many factors, the main of which will be the operation of the engine in different modes, the operation of the brake system, steering, gearbox.

Do not miss the opportunity to check the performance of all devices, switches, buttons.

Limited ownership of service information

In addition to buying a car, it will also need to be serviced somewhere. Therefore, you need to know everything thoroughly about the service of the chosen model. Since the neglect of the service can adversely affect the new car and lead to premature breakdown of equipment.

Blind trust in advertising

The promotional prices of a car dealership always differ from the real cost of a car by at least the amount of tax. Also, sales managers often want to give the buyer additional services. Therefore, before buying a new car, be sure to read the documentation, in particular the one that says about the provision of additional services.

Trust in an insurance agent

The main task of the insurer is to get as much money as possible from a happy buyer. Very often, insurance agents deliberately overstate the cost of insurance. Therefore, before buying a car, carefully read all the clauses of the insurance contract.


The low price of a car should alert a sane person, not attract.

Negligence in paperwork

Buying a new car does not tolerate negligence and sooner or later the new owner will pay for his carelessness. The fact is that it will be very difficult to correct errors in a power of attorney, in a certificate-account or other documents, and such ridiculous errors will bring a lot of problems.

The service book must contain the date of sale. If it is not, then the warranty period is calculated from the moment the machine leaves the assembly line.

The reference-account must specify the place and date of its preparation, the terms of the transaction, the price of the car, as well as all information about it. In addition, this document should contain information about the store where the purchase of a new car was made, as well as all the owner’s data.

Last words

The right approach to choosing a new car will determine how successful this purchase will be, and how much less hassle you will have in the future during its operation. Happy shopping!