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How to get ready for a shop fit

How to get ready for a shop fit

There comes a time when every shop needs a refit and that could be due to a number of reasons. You could be moving into a brand new store after upscaling your business because of growth or you may be getting new units fitted to replace your old broken ones. 

Whatever the reason, you’re going to have to prepare for it and with retail spaces in England potentially costing over £2,000 per square meter, you’ll want to ensure your shop fit goes smoothly so as not to incur more costs. 

It’s not always easy to know how to fully prepare for your store renovation. To help, here are our top tips for getting ready for a shop fit.

Planning the space

This process is perhaps the most important as a good plan can increase the chances of a successful shop fit. Observe your current space and make a detailed plan of where everything in your shop will go. 

When doing this, it is vital to consider how your decisions will impact your customers as well as your staff, create a plan that works for both and you’ll have a store that looks great and is fit for purpose. 

Check your fitters

As with most projects, you’re going to want to ensure you have the best people on the job so that your shop fit looks like what you’re paying for. To check your fitters, you must ask to see their portfolio, read their customer testimonials and look up their company online using sites like Trustpilot. This will give you an accurate representation of just how good they are. 

There are no guarantees with shop fits and something may still go wrong even with the best shopfitters working for you. Be sure to obtain construction insurance before any work commences to cover your business. 

Setting a budget

A new shop fit may help to improve your sales and attract new customers but it is critical that you do not put in more than you’ll get out. 

Learn how to set a budget then carefully select the areas of your refit that need the most attention. If you spend more than your business is likely to turnover following the refit then it may be a negative move for the store. Ensure your budget is focussing on the right things and your shop fit will be a success.