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Red Flags You Should Not Ignore When Choosing a Brand Design Agency in London

If you are looking for a brand design agency in London, you will soon realise that there is an overwhelming number of choices available to you. How can you possibly decide who is best to work with when it comes to your business? To help you with your decision-making, we are going to highlight some red flags you should not ignore during your search.

A Bland and Boring Website

If you are not inspired by a brand design agency’s website then there is little hope of working with them and being happy with the results. Thus, one of the first things you should do is visit a company’s website. Take a look around and see what your first impression of them is. If the homepage is bland and the information is boring, this can be a sign that they are not going to be the best team for your business. That’s why you should be choosing the best design agency London.

Alternatively, it is going to be a good thing if you are inspired and excited by a brand design agency’s website. If the graphics are captivating and their story appeals to you, this is a good sign. For instance, check out Recipe Design and the website that they have. We love the moving graphics and the way you are drawn in and want to learn more. You can also visit and discover what you can expect when you choose their services. A sign of a good agency is that they give you plenty of information so that you can make up your own mind. 

No Client Names

When it comes to brand design agencies, they are going to want to namedrop. This is an enticing way to gain a potential client’s attention. For example, if you see that a company has worked with huge brands, you are going to know they have a good team that might be able to help you in the same way. After all, if these famous brands trust this company, you can too, right?

If you notice that an agency does not share the names of the clients they have previously worked with, this can be a cause for concern. Perhaps they do not have a lot of experience and if this is something you are looking for then it is best to move on. Of course, just because a brand design agency has not worked with the biggest names in the industry does not mean that they are going to be useless. But, if you are looking to find an agency quickly and one that you trust, it is something to consider. 

Not Sharing a Portfolio

So, say you have decided to ignore the fact that a brand design agency has not shared major brands they have worked with. This could be excusable if they are able to display previous work and show how they have achieved results. Indeed, online portfolios are a fantastic way to gain insight into how a team operates and what they might be able to do for your brand.

However, the opposite also applies. If a brand design agency does not share a portfolio or examples of their work, this may indicate that they do not have a lot of experience or they have not achieved the desired results of their clients. Most reputable companies are going to have a portfolio freely available on their website. Alternatively, you could try contacting the agency and asking. But, since this is a red flag, it may be best to move on in your research for the best brand design agency in London.

No Contact Details

Reputable brand design agencies want you to contact them. They are not going to shy away from questions, inquiries and gaining new clients. So, if you come across a brand design agency that does not provide a lot of contact details, this is a red flag that you should not ignore.  It can indicate two things. First, it could be a scam website. Second of all, it demonstrates that they might not be as professional and experienced as they appear. 

You are best choosing a brand design agency that provides multiple ways of contacting them. This includes having a physical address, telephone number and email address. This allows you the freedom to select the way you want to talk to the team. Reputable companies are also going to ensure they have a ‘contact us’ page that is easy to find. They might even have social media pages too.