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How can you improve your memory and empower social networking?

by on May 17, 2022 in Advertising, Business, Uncategorized


How memory enhancement works and Instagram post download online

We live in a rapidly developing world. Processing the information that comes to us today can be quite difficult, mainly because of its huge amount. We view hundreds of pictures on social networks and gigabytes of videos on YouTube and Instagram. However, in order to keep the content they like, the user must resort to third-party applications and services. For example Instagram post download online (Toolzu or the same services) can save video IG easily.

Although social networks themselves have limited functionality, you can easily expand it with additional options. The situation is similar with our memory. Initially, it has relatively small capabilities. However, with constant practice, you can easily develop it to impressive results.

Here are some effective methods to improve your memory

Try brain games to improve your memory

Several published studies in recent years support the benefits of training the brain for 15 minutes (2-3 times a week) with the CogniFit personalized training program. Various groups of people who have trained their brains with this brain stimulation program have improved their scores on tests of memory and other cognitive skills (tests measure more than 20 parameters). This program, which includes exciting computer games, allows you to enhance brain function, increase mental vitality and promote neuronal regeneration.

Use memory techniques or mnemonics

Mnemonics is a set of techniques and methods that facilitate memorization and increase the amount of memory by forming artificial associations in our imagination. Various researchers claim that “self-imagination” is very beneficial for learning and memory.

How to improve memory: repeat new information several times, combine it into groups, find associations and connections with already familiar objects and concepts and use memorization techniques. Try using rhythms and songs to learn information (such as the time’s table, for example), and use mnemonics or acrostics.

Good sleep improves memory

During sleep, our brain systematizes everything that we have learned during the day. Adequate sleep hygiene allows us to keep memory in optimal conditions. According to research, lack of sleep has a negative impact on our memory.

How to improve memory? Try to maintain proper sleep habits. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day is optimal for achieving high performance. Try to rest in a dark place without noise (you can use earplugs if you can’t avoid the noise). Turn off all electronic devices and avoid using them before bed (the light from their screens can negatively affect our sleep). Don’t drink coffee or caffeinated drinks in the afternoon. Drink the last coffee after a meal, otherwise, you may have trouble sleeping. The regime is of great importance, try to go to bed and get up every day at the same time.

Try to remember recent events

Every day you do hundreds of little things that you don’t even pay attention to. Try to fix it. When you return from the store, try to remember what you bought and in what order. Try writing down your key events from the last week, etc. This will definitely improve your memory.

Study information piece by piece

If you are willing to spend 12 hours training, spread them out over several weeks, not one day. In the second case, you will be able to reproduce this information tomorrow, but your long-term memory will definitely suffer.

Researchers aren’t entirely sure why interval memory is so effective. This probably helps encourage information retrieval after you don’t remember it from the last session.

In one study, psychologist Nate Cornell showed that the spacing effect works on smaller time scales as well. Students who took a break of several minutes between learning foreign words memorized them better than those who studied words continuously.

Watch your diet

Everyone knows the expression – we are what we eat. And this is true. You need to carefully monitor your diet if you want to develop your cognitive abilities. Eat more food rich in vitamins and minerals. Do not eat a lot of fatty foods and do not drink alcohol. All this will help improve your cognitive abilities and help you remember more information.

Reward yourself

If you get rewarded for remembering some information, you will remember it better, says experimental psychologist Alice Mason. The brain loves what gives it a pleasure. Alice uses money in her lab, but even the virtual glasses you give yourself will work.

But this technique has a downside: it will not allow you to absorb more information, but only help you absorb some data better than others.


Using the methods above, you can easily expand both the capabilities of your applications and the capabilities of your own memory. All you need is time and perseverance!

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