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Common issues people have with Facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest and most popular social media platform we have today. Since its launch back in 2004, the app has been nothing short of a success garnering itself a total of 2.93 billion users out of the 7.7 billion global population. The numbers are awe-inspiring. Despite the massive take-off and exponential flourishing of Facebook, however, the interaction platform has had its fair share of drawbacks, technical glitches being one of them. Facebook users have reported several problems from their experience with the platform. Though the company has actively worked to solve these issues, most of them are recurrent and vexing. From the errors to the low-quality memes, targeted ads, and the irritating posts, there’s plenty wrong with Facebook.

Five common problems facebook users encounter.

Have you ever logged onto Facebook only to have the app auto-restart or tried to view posts and have a censorship prompt come up? It happens. Like many other platforms, Facebook has several snags, most of which remain undetectable until they creep up on you. However, before you freak out, you must know that most of these issues are not out of the ordinary- they’re pretty standard, and you can efficiently work your way around them without Facebook live chat support. We’re breaking down five Facebook-related issues you’re likely to experience as a user.

Pname Com Facebook Orca Error

One of the frequently encountered problems by android users when logging onto their Facebook accounts is the Pname Facebook Orca Error. It comes in a folder containing three subfolders storing information like messages, images, videos, emoticons, and media from the app. The error displays a “Facebook has stopped working” text from time to time, or worse, auto restarts the app. Does that sound familiar? Deleting this folder could lead to possible data loss from the app, so you’d want to tread carefully with this one.

Account flagging

The digitalization of the commerce world has led to the need for an online presence for business owners. Since Facebook is a leading social interaction platform, most users have utilized it to market their products and services. While this is a viable way to boost sales and improve client interaction, it puts the account at risk of flagging. Facebook admins stay on the radar for proxy use and inappropriate image issues that would translate into flagging down several business pages, especially entertainment ones.


Institutions, governments, and networks are known to implement censorships restricting users’ access to leading social media platforms. These restrictions are often based on IP addresses that block local users and visitors of a specific region from gaining entry to the mentioned sites. While this is a point of frustration, one can quickly work your way around it by using a VPN to unlock their Facebook access. The VPN would mask your actual address rerouting it to a safe location with no censorship system- it’s effortless.

Targeted ads

Like most social media platforms, Facebook makes most of its revenue from adverts, and for this approach to be practical, it has to be relevant. Thus, the Facebook marketing team spends most of its time tracking and analyzing your browsing habits to develop personalized ads that would spark an interaction. This strategy is helpful when you’re looking to buy a product or service through Facebook; however, if you’re only trying to connect with friends and family, the advertisements become pretty annoying. Lucky for you, though, you can opt out of targeted ads through your Facebook account’s settings and privacy interface on the left sidebar showing ads. Alternatively, you can pick out categories of interest for customized ads.

Excessive posts

There are days when it takes you a good twenty minutes of scrolling through your feed to get to a post that interests you. Often you’ll find yourself sitting through thousands of unnecessary political rants from a college friend, your aunt’s endless pet posts, and a couple of grammatically incorrect blurry JPEGs from your workmate before you get to your favourite store updates. We’ve all been there, stuck in the dilemma of unfriending people we know and streamlining our user experience on the app thanks to Facebook’s fast-changing algorithm and enthusiastic users that can’t help their posting. Nothing new to see here.

Wrapping up

Nothing’s perfect neither is Facebook. Since it’s a leading social media platform with immense traffic, a couple of hitches are to be expected. However, you’d be glad to know that most of these issues prominent with Facebook are pretty easy to solve; thanks to Google and YouTube tutorials, one can easily filter out the excessive posts and adverts from the feed with a couple of clicks. For the more complex problems, Facebook support is always more than willing to lend a helping hand, so all in all, you’re always set or a couple of steps away from a glitch-free Facebook experience.